While not all the fights the Straw Hat Pirates have had are exceptional, there are some that stand out above the rest.

The Straw Hat Pirates are led by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One pieceand they come from the East Blue. Over the years, Luffy has amassed some incredibly capable crew members, and more people will join him as the journey progresses.

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The Straw Hat Pirates have experienced their fair share of battles over the years and all members have shown why they are worthy of being a part of the crew by winning their own battles. While not all the fights they have fought in are outstanding, there are some that stand out above the rest.

10 Chopper vs. Kumadori: Chopper unleashed the Monster Point for the first time in this fight

Chopper’s fight against Kumadori is easily his best fight to date and also one of the biggest that any Straw Hat has fought so far. Taking place in Enies Lobby, the fight saw Chopper being defeated by Kumadori’s powers, forcing him to resort to the use of Monster Point.

This was of great importance for Chopper’s character to grow as he was hated for being like a monster, but to protect his friend, Chopper didn’t mind becoming a real monster.

9 Usopp and Chopper vs. Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas: this fight showed everyone Usopp’s brave face

One Piece Usopp Chopper Miss Merry Christmas Mr 4

In the Arabasta arc, Usopp and Chopper teamed up to fight Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas of the Baroque Works. Although the two were clearly out of his league in terms of strength, they managed to get ahead and win using smart strategies.

The fight also saw Usopp take a stand against turning his back on his opponent because his captain was being insulted. Using that as fuel, Usopp managed to beat Miss Merry Christmas.

8 Nami vs. Kalifa – This fight showcased Nami’s superior intellect in fights

Nami has always been considered one of the weakest members of the crew when it comes to physical strength, yet she is blessed with abilities that no other Straw Hat possesses.

Nami’s understanding of climate science is far beyond the level of an average human and this was demonstrated in her fight against Kalifa. For Robin’s sake, Nami stepped forward and defeated a CP-9 agent with superhuman strength in a matter of minutes.

7 Franky vs. Senõr Pink: This fight showed a clash of two powerful men with an emotional twist

One Piece - Señor Rosa, Franky

Franky’s fight against Senõr Pink is easily one of the best the cyborg has been involved in since he joined the Straw Hats. Although Franky had stronger weapons up his sleeve that would have helped him defeat Senõr easily, like the Franky Shogun, he relied on his own strength to prove that he was a manly figure.

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The fight covers everything from high-octane action to heartbreaking moments as Russia’s backstory begins. Without a doubt, this fight is among the best in history so far.

6 Roronoa Zoro vs. Ryuma – This fight saw Zoro test his limits to obtain a black sword

Zoro has always hosted some of the best fights in One piece And rightly so, since much of his character revolves around the theme of getting strong. In Thriller Bark, Zoro battled Ryuma’s zombie, a legendary samurai from Wano Country.

Ryuma could have been quite weak in this fight, however that did not take away from the fact that he was a legendary figure. Using all his power, Zoro set the zombie on fire and obtained the Kokuto: Shusui.

5 Sanji vs. Jabra: This fight saw Sanji save Usopp and unleash the Diable Jambe

Sanji initially took on CP-9’s Kalifa and lost terribly to her. Later, however, he managed to save the day by protecting Usopp from impending death against Jabra. Taking Jabra in his place, Sanji pushed himself beyond all his limits and managed to awaken the power of the Devil’s Leg: Diable Jambe.

With this technique, Sanji could generate flames on his legs that were lethal enough to defeat Jabra in just two kicks.

4 Zoro vs. Daz Bones: This fight forced Zoro to evolve in the middle of combat

Zoro confronted Mr. 1 of the Baroque Works organization, named Daz Bones, in the Arabasta arc of One piece. Although he was strong, Zoro was no match for Daz, as he could not cut steel at the moment.

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On the brink of death, he managed to hear the breath of all things and possibly channeled into a rudimentary form of Ryou, allowing him to cut through steel and defeat Mr. 1.

3 Luffy vs. Rob Lucci: This fight showed Luffy’s unwavering resolve in the best way

Monkey D. Luffy is known to be a tenacious fighter, and all the opponents he has fought so far recognize him. Against Rob Lucci, Luffy displayed this ability in the most incredible way by refusing to fall until Lucci was defeated.

Luffy was carrying the burden of his friend Nico Robin, whom he planned to rescue from the depths of hell and for that reason, his back refused to touch the ground until Lucci was knocked down.

two Luffy vs. Katakuri – This fight forced Luffy to evolve and gave him a worthy rival

Luffy vs. Katakuri is still one of the best fights in One piece for countless reasons, the most important of which revolves around the fight that forces Luffy on his last legs. Although he was strong, Luffy was nowhere near Katakuri’s level and the fight itself was like training for him.

Luffy managed to learn Future Sight Observation Haki in this battle and unleashed Snakeman to defeat Katakuri, but not before earning his respect as a worthy rival.

1 Luffy vs. Usopp: this fight tested the integrity of the Straw Hat pirates like no other

Luffy’s fight against Usopp is quite different from all the others mentioned in the list, as it is a fight between two crewmates, but that is what makes it amazing. It’s undeniably painful to watch, but at the same time, it’s masterfully written and builds up the conflict that is unraveling in Water 7.

The fight gives the impression that the crew has started to fall apart, evoking a feeling of despair in the hearts of the fans, but it also makes the victory at Enies Lobby even more beautiful.

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