Saturday night live returned with a brand new episode this weekend, featuring host Maya Rudolph and musical guest Jack Harlow. Perhaps the sketch for this latest edition of the late night comedy addresses the hot keyword NFTs. What are they and what does it mean for the online art world? Pete Davidson exploited his Eminem-inspired persona to explain it all alongside Jack Harlow.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. In its most basic form, an NFT is an encrypted digital signature that enables the purchase and marketing of digital art. Chris Redd joined Pete Davidson and Jack Harlow in breaking down this topic that has taken over the art world in recent weeks. Though perhaps a bit dated in its parody, NFT’s music video for Saturday night live it is presented as an old school Eminem-inspired rap.

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Pete davidson parodies Eminem’s hit song ‘Without Me’, which hit MTV in 2002, nearly twenty years ago. At a time when NFTs didn’t even exist. Pete Davidson dons Eminem’s iconic Robin costume to bring the comedy home. The sketch begins with Davidson questioning US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellin, trying to better understand the digital trend that has exploded in the world of online digital art. Pete Davidson raps the next letter.

“What the heck is an NFT? / Apparently a cryptocurrency / Everyone is making so much money / Can you explain what an NFT is?”

This is all done in the Slim Shady impersonation of Pete Davidson, who first debuted at Christmas three months ago with the music video. Stu, which took the classic Eminem track Stan. The video had Pete Davidson assuming the character of Stu, who writes a letter to Santa Claus asking for a PS5. At the time, many complained that the music video sketch was incredibly outdated, as the original song came out more than two decades ago. But the sketch also received a lot of love, enough for Davidson to return to Eminem mode this week. His rap continues.

“It’s like real life Monopoly / Everybody does it, like Gronkowski / Could you help me make an NFT?”

Chris Redd reveals his Morpheus character from Matrix, which is a bit more timely since Matrix 4 It will hit theaters and at HBO Max later this year. Even if Morpheus is not in the sequel. Redd releases a list of strange NFT collectibles that have appeared online in recent months. There is a photo of Chuck E. Cheese on the Supreme Court. And we can see Thanos twerking from Avengers Endgame. Jack Harlow arrives on the scene as a janitor and goes out of his way to describe NFTs to the audience.

“Non-fungible means it’s unique / There could only be one, like you and me / NFTs are crazy / Built on blockchain / Built on a digital transaction book / Records information of what is happening / When minted, you can sell like art / And this concludes my part of rapping. “

Jack Harlow is right. Yes SNL he was so inclined that they could take his scene from the music video and sell it as NFT. Many artists have joined the movement. Kings of Leon will release their latest album with an NFT package. Grimes has also gotten into the NFT craze by selling his artwork online. Even Sophia the Robot sold an NFT of her self-portrait. And Arrow star Katie Cassidy has auctioned nudes as NFT.

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Maya Rudolph didn’t have a major role in the NFTs music video, but she did show off her impression of Beyonce for a Hot Ones sketch, and also addressed outdoor shots. And of course he came back with a full sketch by Kamala Harris. You can see the rest of the sketches below.

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