Throughout the years, Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four, has always been a focus of attention for fans. Beyond the dynamics, the team is known for having some truly iconic and powerful villains in its rogues gallery.

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However, among all those classic and respected villains, there are many who are not so much. For every well-known evil, there is always the one that is not so threatening. They have a legacy, a name attached to the Fantastic Four, but that doesn’t mean they are automatically a legendary villain. Very often, they are likely to be a walking joke that fans will laugh at.

10 Legend: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom sits on his throne in Latveria

Of the Fantastic Four villains, there are none who command a force like Victor Von Doom. Although the name is a bit on the nose, after being embarrassed by Reed Richards, Doom gained mystical powers and the title of the heinous Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s most complex and intriguing foes, one fans are hoping to see in phase four and will hopefully look comical. With magical powers, a genius of intellect that rivals Mr. Fantastic himself, the possibility that Doom is the lesser of two evils for the first family makes him a legendary rival.

9 Joke: Puppeteer

Puppet Master gains control of Immortal Hulk to fight Ben Grimm

Now, some of the villains considered jokes are actually somewhat terrifying in nature. Anyone who dresses like a doll and has the ability to control anyone with dolls like Puppet Master is an absolutely horrible thought … if it only made a dent.

Like most villains, Puppet Master’s storylines aren’t very inventive. Once, he dressed his blind daughter as Sue Storm in a blonde wig to infiltrate the Fantastic Four. All he did was take to Alicia Masters and Ben Grimm’s wedding and turned the Puppet Master into a terrible father-in-law.

8 Legend: Annihilus

Annihilus using her powers in the Negative Zone.

Most of the time, supervillains are just men dressed in ridiculous outfits. They do not strike fear into the hearts of heroes. With someone like Annihilus, ruler of the Negative Zone, the gaze is there for the alien tyrant.

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Absolutely terrifying and exhibiting massive powers when in the Negative Zone, Annihilus has proven to be a nasty foe over the years, even dying and coming back as a demon child. Annihilus has become a cosmic threat to both the Fantastic Four and other heroes over the years.

7 Joke: Dragon Man

Dragon Man flies over Spider-Man in New York

Given the fact that Fan4 comics have been around for decades, villains and heroes are always bound to switch sides as the years go by. Dragon Man, an artificial android, is a villain who was redeemed and changed into the role of hero, perhaps for the better.

As a villain, Dragon Man didn’t leave much of an impact. The villain has generally been used as a servant or companion to other plots and never did much harm to any of the Marvel U, making him a better Future Foundation member than a villain.

6 Legend: Super Skrull

The Super Skull faces the Fantastic Four

On their own, the Fantastic Four are powerful heroes. With the powers of invisibility, fire, rock-like skin, and stretchy skin, the team is powerful alone. Together though, they would be unstoppable and in the hands of someone like the Super Skrull, that’s never good.

Hailing from a world destroyed by the World Eater, Kl’rt was a Skrull given the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four and sent to destroy them. Although he is now an on-and-off hero of the Skrull Empire, Super Skrull was a great foe to the Fantastic Four.

5 Joke: devil

Diablo manipulates the Avengers and Defenders

Diablo, the alchemist villain, has a great backstory. Selling his soul to Mephisto to live forever, make a pact with vampires, and be discovered by the Fantastic Four is a hellish tale about the origin of a villain who ended up getting nowhere.

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Sure, Diablo is an interesting villain. However, when your best skills are swallowing magic potions that give you limited time and having one of the best backstories that is really the only development you get, there is not much to work with or surprise you.

4 Legend: the creator

The Maker leads the children of tomorrow in the city

The worst villain of a hero can sometimes be himself. Although the world of 1610, known as the Ultimate universe, had its flaws, one of the things that Spider-Man together with Miles Morales accomplished was the Maker, the Reed Richards of the Ultimate universe.

Starting out as Mr. Fantastic, Richards went berserk for numerous reasons, eventually becoming the genius villain known as the Maker. Starting a cult, concocting doomsday plans, and going head-to-head with Earth 616’s Mr. Fantastic, The Maker is a dark reflection that fans can’t get enough of.

3 Joke: red ghost

The red ghost supports a bench with the help of his superimals.

Supergenius is one thing. How one uses those powers is another. Ivan Kragoff was a Russian super genius who gained the ability to become intangible and developed an army of super apes to take on the Fantastic Four, which is where originality ends.

Given that his powers are kind of a carbon copy of Sue’s and the only really interesting tidbit is an army of super apes, Red Ghost’s most interesting exploits pale in comparison to how plain and bland the master villain really is.

two Legend: Galactus

Galactus reaches you to devour another planet

Unfortunately, not every villain in the Fantastic Four rogue gallery was going to make the cut. Some, like Kang or Psycho-Man, deserve honorable mention for being legends. But the truth is, all villains pale in comparison to Galactus.

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Originally an explorer of the planet Taa, Galactus became the Eater of Worlds after the death of his universe. His appetite is unmatched and can only be satiated by entire planets. Equipped with a pack of Heralds, Galactus has changed and evolved, like Von Doom, into a complex and surprising antagonist.

1 Joke: Mole Man

Mole Man and his Moloids advance on New York

Truth be told, seeing Mole Man as the first Fantastic Four villain for the next MCU movie would be pretty faithful to the comics. After all, he was her first enemy, a former scientist who gains control of an underground race that he uses to his advantage.

However, despite all his history and connections, Mole Man is just a guy who controls yellow-skinned creatures. It’s an unfortunate walking joke, one that the comics have tried to improve but not very well. Maybe Hollywood could finally do Mole Man justice.

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