What can fans expect when Olivia and Elliot reunite?


A meeting between former partners Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson is imminent, and now, Chris meloni he’s joking with fans about what to expect when his character returns to Law & Order: SVU. In a new interview with TVLine, the actor talked about the possibility that Stabler and Benson (played by SVU pillar Mariska hargitay) could have some tension between them when they are finally back in each other’s orbit.

“No one is going to be satisfied,” explained Meloni. He went on to describe the frustration most fans probably still feel due to his character’s abrupt and off-screen departure from the show after season 12. Part of the reason for the actor’s departure revolved around contract negotiations that He admitted that they ended up in a very “little classy” backstage. But after several years of busting his acting skills in other substantial roles, he’s back in the game. Law scene and ready to endure Stabler and Benson’s reconciliation “process”.


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Meloni also talked about Stabler’s character development off-screen over the years, and how he will play out in upcoming episodes of SVU and its spinoff show. Organized crime. “It’s complicated,” he warned, then explained that “complicated is good and complicated is real. The audience will be exposed to moments that … everyone has a relationship with,” specifically referring to future episodes in which Stabler will have He navigates rough waters with his work-life balance as well as his estranged wife and children.

When asked about returning to character after so many years, Meloni admitted to having a plethora of mixed and surprising feelings:

That was actually the most amazing aspect of the whole procedure. You know, the idea is presented to you. You think it over, negotiate your terms, and you’re good to go. And then on the way, you think, “What have I done?” [Laughs] … You get into all these crazy, but necessary, thought processes. And then all of a sudden the day comes and you say, “Okay, well what the heck? Let’s go in. “And it was perfect, and it blew me away. I was shocked. I didn’t think about it. It was fun. I mean, the hardest journey for me was pushing away all the fuss, build-up, anticipation, and expectations. I finally had a nice talk to myself saying, “Please don’t do that. Just focus on work and everything will be fine.” Sure enough, I did that. I listened to myself.

The first season of Organized crime will record a total of 13 episodes, beginning with Stabler returning to the NYPD after a “devastating personal loss.” The show promises to delve into the sophisticated and nuanced ways organized crime syndicates “mingle in and alongside legitimate businesses,” living up to the raw, real-world feel that the Law the franchise is better known.

Meloni’s return to Law world will be announced during a crossover event airing April 1 on NBC.

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