One of Star Wars: Clone Wars’ main antagonists, Durge, was nearly invulnerable to all Republic attacks, thanks to his natural Gen’Dai abilities.

Star Wars: Clone Wars presents the screen debut of the deadly bounty hunter Durge, a mysterious, armored, enforcer of few words, whose species seems almost invincible. Hired by Count Dooku to bolster the CIS-surpassed Banking Clan on Muunilinst, Durge became one of the main antagonists of the Legends-era animated series. Durge fights Obi-Wan and his Clone Troopers twice, each time taking damage that would brutally kill most of the humanoids. As his armor is destroyed, it is clear that Durge’s species, the Gen’Dai, is new to the world. Star Wars myths, and would be further explored in other material from the Age of Legends.

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Durge was born more than two thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, and became a bounty hunter during the New Sith Wars. Although not a Mandalorian, Durge was trained in his warrior ways early in his career, and the Sith regularly hired him to kill Jedi, which Durge became terribly skilled at. After the war (and the seemingly final defeat of the Sith), Durge was tortured by the Mandalorians in retaliation for assassinating their leader. The torture drove Durge mad and he spent nearly a century physically recovering from it. When the Clone Wars began, Durge had a pathological hatred for the Mandalorians, so he enthusiastically joined the CIS in killing the Clone Troopers (who are all Mandalorians in Legends).

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Durge is a Gen’Dai, a rare and distinctive species in the galaxy. Gen’Dai are essentially shapeless bundles of nerves and muscles, with powerful regenerative abilities that make them notoriously difficult to kill. Furthermore, Gen’Dai had an extremely long life expectancy, leading some beings to think that they are immortal. Most Gen’Dai wore full armor to give them a humanoid shape and appearance, rather than to protect them. Durge is a rarity among the already rare Gen’Dai, as his vocation as a bounty hunter stands in stark contrast to the normally peaceful culture of his species. When Durge’s armor is mostly destroyed by the Clone Trooper’s blaster fire and explosives, his massive, shapeless Gen’Dai body can be seen completely apart from his face.


In his two battles with Obi-Wan, Durge is dismembered by lightsaber blows. His Gen’Dai regenerative abilities allow him to reattach and then regrow lost limbs. Durge also demonstrates the heartlessness of his kind when he shrugs with a lightsaber stab to the chest. With nearly all Jedi and Clone attacks proving incapable of killing Durge, Obi-Wan finally defeated him after the bounty hunter swallowed him inside his corded body. Obi-Wan used the Force to blow up Durge from within, but this only defeated him. Durge would threaten the Republic forces again later. Clone wars material.

The Gen’Dai are one of the longest-lasting species in the galaxy, but they are not invincible. Their regenerative healing abilities do not apply to their brains, so the organ is one of their few vulnerabilities. The Sith Empire came close to wiping out the Gen’Dai, possibly due to the exploitation of this weakness. In addition to the torture he endured, Durge’s long life and subsequent brain degeneration contributed to his mental instability during the Star Wars: Clone Wars. As shown in the Star Wars: Obsession comic series, Gen’Dai can also die from complete disintegration. Anakin Skywalker finally managed to kill Durge by trapping him in a ship’s escape pod and sending him hurtling toward a star.

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