Batman and Harley Quinn have had a long and tumultuous relationship, but now that she’s trying to turn the page, they are turning into something else.

Warning! Spoilers for Harley Quinn # 1!

In DC Comics, bat Man Y Harley quinn She hasn’t always had the best relationship, but while Harley does her best to correct her vast number of past mistakes, the two of you are becoming more than just budding allies. And while they both struggle when it comes to having real friends or even a stable working relationship with those around them, it seems Batman and Harley are heading toward their own kind of friendship, one that makes them far more than allies and far better. . than adversaries.

Seen in the first issue of Harley’s new ongoing series titled simply Harley quinn, the creative team of writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Riley Rossmo immediately dive head first into Harley’s new status quo. Finally, and definitely leaving her time with the Joker behind, Harley has taken it upon herself to try to make amends for her past misdeeds by making her rounds around Gotham City and doing her best to make amends when due, a process that isn’t exactly going right. right off the bat.

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So while Harley does what he can to fight this uphill battle to renew his image, Batman, as he usually does, is still keeping an eye on her in case she decides to back down from her evil ways. Claiming that he isn’t going to fall off the wagon anytime soon, Harley follows Batman to an incident on the Amusement Mile where civilians dressed as clowns are starting a rampage and causing general disturbances. Asking Batman to allow him this opportunity to not only help one of the clowns who is clearly confused and misled, but also to use it. real skills as a psychiatrist to do it – Batman reluctantly agrees in his usual stoic and Batman form, the first tell-tale sign that his usual cynical attitude towards her is starting to crack.

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Harley gets a bat toaster

And this is where their hopeful new friendship begins to see growth when Harley notices Batman’s slight shift in tone towards her after she consistently and honestly expressed her desire to be better. Returning to her run-down apartment, Harley is greeted with a gift left by Batman that gives fans hints that The Dark Knight might be warming up to his former adversary. Leaving a toaster with a bat symbol as a kind of callback to this specific item that Harley begged Batman to have if he started working with it, Bats not only found the time to get him exactly what he asked for, but also to get him. Batman , this is the closest form of subtle acceptance you can get from the guy.

He is not known to be very communicative with his emotions or his you need to have loved ones around youBatman is a mysterious beast with his own mild ways of showing appreciation and care, and with him going out of his way to procure such a strange item for Harley, he speaks volumes in his approval of her new way of life. Harley may have a long way to go, but Batman is already impressed with his new direction in his own little ways, a testament to his and Harley’s new dynamic.

So while Batman is beginning to tolerate Harley as a potential ally and possibly even a friend, their relationship will need a lot more work before it becomes worthy of the Bat-Family levels of trust and camaraderie. And who knows? The fact that they have both been abused by the Joker’s specific brand of sadism in the past could be the spark of connection that keeps this new friendship alive, and if Harley quinn is truly genuine when trying to turn a new leaf, bat Man you will have to take note.

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