Over the years, Pauly D has built quite a successful career for himself. He has had numerous successes, two residencies and has had great concerts.

Pauly D has always made his love for music known. When The Jersey Shore came to an end after 10 seasons, Pauly used his newfound fame to follow his dreams of being a DJ. Now, 12 years later, Pauly is seen as one of the best DJs in the industry. As her career grew more successful over the years, she has scored some important jobs. He has even worked on numerous hit songs.

Pauly began his career as a DJ before gaining fame with the show. In his original introduction during the first episode, Pauly gave himself the personality of DJ. That person stayed with him throughout the show, which helped grow his career. As his career prospered, his schedule became increasingly hectic. When he decided to return for the show’s spinoff series, Pauly worked hard to balance his two careers. Now some fans think he’s getting tired of being on the show.

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From some big gigs to number one songs, Pauly has done it all. He has had club residencies in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Pauly regularly DJed at Drai’s beach club and nightclub in Las Vegas, as well as Harrahs Pool After Dark in Atlantic City. In 2019, she signed a two-year residency with Drai, who was portrayed during the second season of Double shot at love. Around the same time, Pauly signed a seven-figure contract with Harrah’s.

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Apart from his residencies, Pauly has also toured the world as a DJ. One of his first major gigs was opening act for Brittney Spears on it. Femme Fatale Tour in 2011. He was part of six shows on his tour. While Pauly has played to large audiences, he has also had some hit songs. One of his best known songs appeared on The Jersey Shore in 2010. His song, “Beat That Beat (it’s time to) ” it has had more than 3 million transmissions. Pauly’s most successful song to date is “Back to love” It featured the vocals of singer Jay Sean.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pauly’s life came to a dramatic halt because he could no longer perform at live events. She used her new free time to focus on repairing her relationship with her Double shot at love ex Nikki Hall. The two ended up in quarantine together and have remained together ever since. Nikki has even appeared in recent episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Although Pauly has actually re-filmed the show, his DJ career has continued to stagnate; however, he has occasionally made virtual sets for fans on his social media accounts.

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