Constantly changing techniques and powers animate bows and battle sequences, keeping things from getting stale over time.

One of the things that draws fans to Naruto is the wide range of techniques that the characters display. Compared to a series like Dragon Ball, where most of the main characters know and use the Kamehameha, Naruto constantly introduces new moves for all the characters in the series.

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This adds variety to the combat, which makes the battle sequences exciting because no one really knows what is going to happen from one fight to the next. A character can perform a completely new move that they have never used before. But what makes that unpredictability so fun is that it means that each new game can involve new techniques without making it seem like they’re changing too much in the world at large.

10 Fire Throw: The Great Fire Whirlwind is one of Madara’s fireball techniques

Madara using fire releases large whirlwind of fire

This is a technique that was given to Madara during the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game. Similar to Madara’s Fireball Grand Technique, this move involves Madara swinging his fan and throwing fire at him.

The result is multiple whirlwinds of fire that fill the field. This is an incredibly destructive technique that seems excessive, but what else can you expect from Madara Uchiha?

9 Accelerated Armed Rotating Sky is a team attack from Team Guy

Tenten using the accelerated armed rotating sky

Tenten was never that impressive in anime. Of course, this is a technique that only works with the three members of Team Guy working together. It begins with Tenten drawing weapons, while Lee and Neji throw the weapons at their enemies.

Lee then uses the Front Lotus to make Neji’s Eight Trigrams Sky-Rotating Palms have an even greater rotation, making him more effective. All while Tenten wraps them all in a chain of kunai.

8 Hanabi Style: Eight trigrams Sixty-four palms is Hanabi mastering the power of Hyuga power

Hanabi Style Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

The eight trigrams technique exists in the manga, but the use of Hanabi Hyuga is unique to the Ninja Storm games. You can use the typical Sixty-Four Palms technique to block a person’s ability to use chakra.

After completely blocking their chakra, Hanabi uses a chakra burst to abruptly stop the rotation and knock them to the ground.

7 Kagutsuchi Rasengan sees Naruto and Sasuke together

Kagutsuchi Rasengan

By teaming up with Sasuke and Naruto, the Konoha Hokage is sure to result in a completely ridiculous attack every time. In this case, the two begin by preparing a Halo Hurricane technique. While the opponent is distracted by it, Sasuke stands between the opponent and Naruto.

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He creates part of Susanoo and uses it to create both a Chidori blast and Kagutsuchi’s black flames. Meanwhile, Naruto uses the nine-tailed chakra at the same time and they both hit the opponent. Realistically this should completely vaporize any enemy.

6 Chidori: Star Crusher makes Sasuke combine the Chidori with a Chibaku Tensei

Chidori Star Crusher

Another exaggerated jutsu from Sasuke. Increase Chidori to a ridiculous point when combined with Chibaku Tensei. It begins with the Chibaku Tensei in which the enemy is trapped inside.

Unable to escape, they are hit by a meteor that is on fire. Sasuke then charges up a Chidori and hits the meteor with it to make it explode.

5 The Heavenly Crush night shower is one of Sarada’s most powerful moves

Heavenly Crush Afternoon Shower

Apparently, the CyberConnect2 developers decided to make Sarada Uchiha useful in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 even though people hardly knew what she could do. The technique is similar to Cherry Blossom Impact, her mother’s move.

Basically, he starts kicking his opponent, throwing him into the air before hitting him on the ground. Then use the Great Fireball technique to set them on fire.

4 Flawless Three is a team attack with Kakashi, Obito and Rin

Team Kakashi and the impeccable technique of the three

Combine Obito, Kakashi, and Rin together for one move and they have the Flawless Three ability. It starts with Obito and Kakashi cutting, then Rin adding a kick. Obito throws fireballs at the enemy, and Kakashi arrives with one last lightning strike before Rin stomps on the enemy.

The comedy when it comes to this is before and after the technique starts, Rin cheerfully cheers on Obito and Kakashi. All things considered, given what happened to Obito, this technique is a bit sad.

3 Konoha: True Thousand Hokage Hands is a dangerous attack from the first Hokage

Senju Hashirama doing Konoha True Thousand Hokage Hands

A technique used by Hashirama Senju in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. The Hokage enters Sage Mode and summons a huge statue. Then the other Hokage (except Naruto) pours energy into him.

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The statue then becomes energized and surprisingly fast, striking the opponent relentlessly before launching him into the air. This is pronounced as the “Will of Fire” during the scene of the movement.

two Tiger Lotus Peacock’s fierce attack is a team attack between Guy and Rock Lee

Guy and Rock Lee performing intense fierce tiger lotus peacock attack of passion

This technique involves Might Guy and Rock Lee working together to become something that could be unstoppable. Both Guy and Lee activate their Eight Gates abilities, getting as close to the Eight as possible without getting there.

They both use melee while punching the opponent in midair, with Lee using the Reverse Lotus to pass them to Guy, who uses the Morning Peacock and the Daytime Tiger together. In the end, both Lee and Guy hit the opponent at the same time to finish them off, giving everyone the equipment they need.

1 Six Paths: Shinra Tenkyo sees Naruto and Sasuke trust the power of the Nine Tails

Naruto and Sasuke making six paths Shinra Tenkyo

For this technique, both Naruto and Sasuke rely on the endless chakra of the Nine-Tails to increase their powers. Naruto uses this chakra to activate Tailed Beast mode and creates a Big Ball Rasenshuriken. Meanwhile, Sasuke creates Susanoo and creates his ultimate technique, Indra’s Arrow.

Both attacks hit the enemy at the same time, making for a technique that should be an instant knockout for any fight if the player can make the move to land.

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