the Mountain range the franchise will soon be back in theaters with Spiral: from the book of Sawand a new photo posted by Samuel L. Jackson in Twitter anticipates great news for tomorrow, March 30. Chances are high this Jackson taunt means we’ll finally see Spiraltrailer. After all, we have less than two months left before the movie is released, and it’s been more than a year since the first trailer for the ninth. Mountain range the movie was released. Then again, anything could happen in regards to this franchise.

The photo posted by Jackson shows his own face twisted by a filter that, well, makes it look like a spiral. It does not give us much, but it is not necessary; we are all excited to see Mountain range back to the big screen and we are ready for whatever new material is revealed to us. We know Jackson will be playing Marcus Banks, a veteran police officer, but he’s not the only big name involved in the new. Mountain range film. Spiral also stars Chris stone as Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks, an arrogant detective who engages in a morbid game with a deadly outcome. Zeke’s rookie partner is played by Max Minghella. Darren lynn bousman, Director of Sierra II, III Y IV, is back in the director’s chair for the latest installment in the franchise. The movie is written by Josh stolberg Y Pedro Gold finger, the duo responsible for the most recent episode, 2017’s Puzzle.

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Chris Rock Spiraling: From the Book of Saw

Image via Lionsgate

Spiral will serve as a new beginning for the Mountain range franchise, set years after the major movies, at a time when Jigsaw Killer has already become part of the gruesome past. We still don’t know how Spiral will tie with him Mountain range mythology, but a trailer can surely help, especially if we get a glimpse of some new death traps. Until now, Lionsgate has kept the majority of SpiralThe plot in secret, so the opportunity to learn more about its plot with a new trailer is more than welcome.

Spiral: from the book of SawThe release date has changed a lot in recent months, but the film will hit theaters on May 14. Check out Jackson’s joke about the exciting Spiral announcement below.

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