Love and romance are such an important part of Younger like the idea of ​​Liza trying to pose as a post-divorce millennial, be it her love triangle with Josh and Charles, Kelsey’s search for the love of her life, or Diana’s struggle to love a plumber. Dating isn’t easy in New York City, no matter how old the characters are, and everyone has their ups and downs as the show progresses.

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The show’s upcoming final season will undoubtedly answer questions from fans about who Liza ends up with (and whether she will win #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles), how Diana will deal with married life, how things will turn out for Kelsey and Zane, And if Lauren finds someone who won’t bore her. Along the way, there will surely be some more questionable options in romance as well, but who knows if they will be worse than these options, which definitely made fans raise their eyebrows.

10 Kelsey dating her author

Kelsey’s first major book as an editor was one she worked hard to get: Anton Bjornberg. This Swedish author was a great achievement for Empirical, and Kelsey was delighted to be able to work with him on the translation of his book. However, she also decided that it would be a good idea to have an affair with him, a choice that would jeopardize her job and her reputation as a publisher. Also, Anton was married and his wife was furious when she found out.

9 Green Card Wedding

Poor Josh is not very lucky with love, although he would do anything to make their relationships work, even get married! When he fell in love with the Irish waitress Clare, he was devastated when she had to return to Ireland and flew in to visit her. So far so understandable. However, they then decided to get married so that she could get a green card, even though they had only known each other for a few weeks! As expected, this did not work.

8 Kelsey and Colin’s Complete Relationship

Kelsey and Colin in the Younger

Kelsey really seems to have a bad habit of sleeping with her authors, and letting men trample her! Colin seemed like a charming writer, at first, but it quickly became clear that this relationship was just a series of questionable choices. First, Colin asks Kelsey to “check” his book almost as soon as they meet, which should have been a red flag from the start. However, Kelsey then makes the decision to revise it and basically rewrite it into something that will become a hit – it ensures its success (but not for her own company), although it’s definitely not a good idea. In the end, there was no way this would work.

7 Diana Catfishing for a purse

There was nothing questionable about Diana’s decision to go online dating and try to connect with a man that way. Yet her, the decisions her ‘date’ made were definitely surprising, as she was actually a teenager desperate to handle her designer bag (and no, that’s not an understatement).

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The kid essentially caught her for the sake of his fashion blogs.

6 Kelsey and tram sex

Kelsey on the trolley to Roosevelt Island

Another scenario that appears to be one questionable choice after another occurs when Kelsey hooks up with a new guy through ‘Handlebar’. Everything seems perfect, until she discovers that he lives, gasp, Roosevelt Island. Your first questionable option is to ditch a fantastic couple, single and interested in where you live (even in a place as disconnected from the rest of Manhattan as Roosevelt Island). However, her far worse decision is not only to have public (and extremely visible and illegal) sex on the tram, but also to refuse to set foot on the island. It’s a pretty terrible way to treat a decent guy whose only flaw is his direction.

5 Office MakeOuts

the young liza charles

Yes, it can be sexy, and it’s supposed to show how passionate Liza and Charles are, they just can’t keep their hands off! However, a make-out session in the boss’s office, with the boss, while the cleaner is doing the rounds, is too risky. Liza’s relationship with Charles is strained to begin with, and this was too potentially troublesome.

4 Hate dating

Kelsey and Zane are a complex couple. They seem to be really good together … sometimes. They certainly have chemistry, they have similar interests, they challenge and love each other. However, her decision to date is always a bit questionable, because much of their chemistry seems to be rooted in competition and even not at all dislike.

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Zane tries to steal customers, start a competitive business, and spend a lot of time smiling and attacking Kelsey under the label of “defying” her. Whether this works out in the final season remains to be seen, but it’s definitely something fans are questioning.

3 Kelsey’s Networking One Night Stand

There is nothing particularly questionable about a one night stand, especially in this show. However, when Kelsey is still furious at Liza for lying to her and recovering from a breakup, the night she sleeps with a stranger at a networking event is definitely not the smartest move. For one thing, wasting all night at a professional event isn’t the best look to begin with, and having casual sex with someone who may actually be a professional connection down the road is just looking for trouble.

two Lip shaving

two women in a tub

For the most part, Maggie has arguably the healthiest romantic life of all the people on the show. He enjoys his adventures and his fun, and his relationship with Malkie was stalled by the children’s question, but he seemed to be treated in a mature and reasonable way. However, possibly his most questionable dating choice was with a woman he met at an art show, who had hair on her upper lip. Maggie, instead of deciding not to date someone she wasn’t attracted to (which would have been a smart move), decided to try dating her anyway, obsessively concentrating on her lip, and then trying to shave it off while they had a shower together.

one Liza, Don and The Dine & Ditch

Liza and Don on a date

Liza may be playing millennial, but she should know enough to act like an adult and choose her confessions wisely. However, he throws caution (and courtesy) to the wind with journalist Don. On their date, not only do they decide to have dinner and ditch (or at least, pay part and leave no real tip), a choice that will not only end with the server paying for them (most likely), but is totally unnecessary as Liza could easily have paid the bill in full, with a good tip. So, Liza reveals everything to Don, even though she barely knows him, and he is a journalist. Unsurprisingly, this ends up causing all sorts of problems.

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