It’s the 12th annual CSBG DC / Marvel tournament! Round four continues your voting on which is your favorite DC / Marvel live-action TV series!

Welcome to the 12th Annual CSBG DC / Marvel Character Tournament!

On this occasion, you will vote for your favorite DC or Marvel TV series and live action TV movies. Interestingly, this was also going to be the tournament last year so the delay has changed the roster drastically as WandaVision, Superman and Lois and Stargirl debuted AFTER this past March. In particular, though, I won’t include Falcon and Winter Soldier, as only two episodes have been released so far in their first (only?) Season, so it seems very little to cover something like this.

The rankings were primarily determined by the use of IMDB user reviews, which turned out to be MORE in line with voters in 2019 when we did superhero cartoons (the first time I can remember a tournament where all four # 1 seeds arrived to the Final Four). This time, I made a few more changes as it was too unreasonable for Batwoman, for example, to be the lowest rated show out of ALL the shows listed. So I occasionally made some judgments with the ratings.

After all the programs were classified, they were divided into four different regions. In the first rounds, we will do two regions a day.

This is the fourth round and here are the last two (of the four) regions and the matchups! We finished the Elite Eight!

Just choose which program you like the most. Voting concludes in approximately 48 hours from now! I’m sorry that the voting is by Twitter, but the site I used for the integrated poll voting for YEARS was bought by someone else and is no longer an option. If you know of another good and free built-in survey site please let me know, I would be happy to use it in the future. For now, we are stuck with Twitter polls.

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Watchmen defeated Black Lightning, 77% to 33%, while Agents of SHIELD pestered the Incredible Hulk, 61% to 39%

The final showdown in this particular region is Watchmen, a Damon Lindeloff miniseries for HBO that was set years after the events of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ famous maxiseries, with a sinister group planning to take control of the powers of the universe. Doctor Manhattan with nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, police departments have had to become masked vigilantes and one of those vigilantes, Sister Night (Regina King) has to deal with a shocking secret about her beloved mentor, a shocking secret about her own grandfather, and a MORE shocking secret. about her own husband. and his connection to Doctor Manhattan vs. Agents of SHIELD, the ABC continuation of the Avengers movies that saw Clark Gregg reprise his role as Agent of SHIELD Phil Coulson (after being killed in the first Avengers movie), which led to a new team of Field Agents that includes characters played by Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge as its starting team. The series took a series of twists and turns throughout its seven seasons (perhaps nothing more notable than the initial twist of Season 1 when the series tied more directly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe), with Gregg literally playing three characters. different over the course of the series. The series was related to the Inhumans and then became a time travel show for a while as well.

The best Watchmen review came from Ben Travers on IndieWire, who wrote: “Season 1 Review: The scope of the series is staggering given its subject matter, and even more so given its tireless entertainment value. Across six episodes,” Watchmen “has already provided a host of smart theories to study and debate, but it’s also designed to be a good time. ” The best Agents of SHIELD review came from Verne Gay on Newsday, who wrote, “As with” The Avengers, “Whedon’s ear and sensibility are a perfect match for the material.”

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Flash outperformed the Doom Patrol 56% to 44%, while DC’s Legends of Tomorrow upset the Punisher by the same percentage, 56% to 44%.

The last (and only) showdown in this region is Flash, the first Arrow spin-off (and thus the creation of the “Arrowverse”), starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a young man who received superspeed from a gas throttle. exploding particles (which empowered other people). Barry worked alongside the creator of the particle accelerator, STAR Labs, while also working as a frost scene investigator alongside Detective Joe West, who had taken Barry in when Barry was a child after Barry’s mother was murdered. , apparently by Barry’s father (but Barry never believed that his father killed his mother). Barry had a crush on Joe’s daughter Iris (Candice Patton) and they eventually got married. The series continues as the central series of the CW TV universe against DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, starring in a collection of various characters from other Arrowverse series, including Firestorm, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, and Atom, led by Caity Lotz’s White Canary. The cast of heroes travel throughout history on various missions, and each season has a different concept behind it. The cast has gone through a tremendous overhaul over the years, with new cast members joining almost every season (and leaving). It has been renewed for a seventh season, making it one of the longest-running series in the CW television show universe.

The best review of The Flash came from Eric Joseph on We Got This Covered, who wrote, “In the eyes of this critic, showrunner Todd Helbing and company have rediscovered what The Flash is essentially all about. … These folks have created one of the strongest premieres this show has ever produced, and it’s guaranteed to leave the people talking”. The best review of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came from Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly, who wrote, “Legends of Tomorrow flies high like a kite, and the kite was struck by lightning, so now it’s an omnisexual kite that talks and shoots electric beams into the sexy story. … A little self-awareness goes a long way, but Legends it has a charm that is more dated than the meta. Every adventure is a dress-up game. “

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