Paola Mayfield showed off her extreme wrestling moves in the ring as she took on men taller and heavier than her. Do you have a future in the industry?

Previous 90 day fiancé Cast member Paola Mayfield is popular for her TikTok videos, but is now making headlines for stepping into the wrestling ring. She recently showed her fierce side on Instagram while taking on men who are much heavier and taller than her. Many 90 day fiancé Fans never expected her to go for that type of ring. Paola first appeared in 90 day fiancé season 1 with her husband, Russ Mayfield. At the time, she was looking for modeling opportunities, so she moved to Miami.

Her career pursuit caused a bit of tension between her and Russ because she had to wear scant outfits during her modeling performances. However, it may no longer be a cause for concern, as the 33-year-old mom has decided to change careers. The new direction he’s taken is full of hits, ropes, and power bombs. Paola, who previously tried not to give her son a bad haircut, is determined to embark on the path to the realm of wrestling. She revealed that she will be entering the wrestling ring soon. However, fans will have to wait a little longer to see his debut in a wrestling promotion.

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The two minute video Paola Posted on her Instagram is proof enough that she’s ready to take on anyone. The video shows the former TLC star leaping like an athlete in her early twenties while fighting opponents and practicing moves. She makes highly technical moves like hurricanrana that will make Rey Mysterio proud, all while Linkin Park “Papercut“played in the background of the video. 90 day fiancé Fans can also see her coming off the ropes, hitting a German Suplex, and doing submission pressures like a professional wrestler.

In the caption, Paola gives fans a deep insight into what’s going on in her head. She started, “Always a fighter, never a homeless! Always a scammer, never a bill! Always pressing hard and never looking back!“After some motivational words, he revealed”Meet your new fighter bringing all the Colombian fire.” She continued, “If you think you’ve seen everything about me, well, you haven’t seen anything yet.. “It looks like Paola is ready for her first fight. Most of Paola’s fans are absolutely excited to see her perform such difficult stunts.

One fan wrote: “YES GIRL !!!! Finally! The time has come, let’s do it! ” Another fan said, “OMG yeah !!!! You’d be an amazing wrestler / wrestler !!!“Some fans also appreciated that Paola focused on her fitness and practiced wrestling to further her career instead of becoming a grown star on OnlyFans. 90 day fiancé Stars Darcey Silva and Annie Suwan also praised Paola’s moves! With all the positive support from fans, one thing is for sure: every time Paola decides to debut, her fans of 90 day fiancé will be by her side encouraging her.

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