Red Dead Online’s latest weekly update adds a free seasonal care pack for players, along with role-playing bonuses and Easter-themed extras.

This week’s weekly update for Red Dead Online adds a free seasonal care pack, as well as role-playing bonuses, limited-time apparel, and Easter-themed events. Red Dead Online didn’t get off to the best start after its release several weeks later Red Dead Redemption 2 Arrival late 2018. However, Rockstar Games’ relentless support continues to give players reason to return.

Major patches may not show up very often, but they do manage to usher in noticeable changes whenever the time is right. Previous updates of this nature have brought offensive and defensive playstyles to the online experience, for example, while others worked to vastly expand existing roles. The smaller weekly updates generate a good amount of quality content in their own right, although they generally offer XP and cash bonuses in the game. Earlier this month, players received a free skill card and discounts on a wide variety of items. The weekly update on March 23rd resulted in double rewards for everyone who participated and completed certain online missions and horse races.

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Given the unpredictability of surviving in the wild, Rockstar Games is supplying everything Red Dead Online players with a seasonal care package for the next seven days. The goodies in the pack include five Gun Oil, five Special Horse Revivers, three chocolate bars, three Wild Carrots, and two powerful health cures. In terms of new bonuses, naturalists can expect to receive triple the usual money and XP rewards for selling Black-tailed Jackrabbit samples. This week’s update will also offer licensed bounty hunters a 50 percent cash bonus on all rewards. Additionally, scouts above Rank 5 can expect a 50 percent drop in the price of the Navy Revolver.

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The Easter-themed extras are courtesy of the collector bonuses, which require players to complete the weekly egg hunt collection to gain access to the 50 percent cash bonus. To participate, collectors must hunt duck, heron and goose eggs and then return them to Madam Nazar. Meanwhile, players who participate in the Condor Egg Free Roam event can get access to a 40 percent discount on any up and coming newbie collector’s item. Apparel items like the Hopeman Vest, Cardozo Vest, Leavitt Jacket, and Lister Hat are also returning for a limited time.

Red Dead Online It still feels like it could use some more notable features, but fans who continue to actively explore the multiplayer suite at least have a handful of reasons to sign up this week. After all, in-game XP and cash bonuses are nothing to scoff at. The care package also seems worth the effort.

Red Dead Redemption 2 hit stores over two years ago in October 2018. Rockstar rolled out a beta version of Red Dead Online several weeks later, he released the experience in its entirety a few months later. The online offering has continued to improve in the years since then; Interestingly, it even received a standalone release in late 2020.

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Red Dead Online is available to play now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox series X | S.

Source: Rockstar Games

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