Wolverine’s bisexual son Daken appears on the Pride Month variant cover for Wolverine # 13 by Eisner-nominated artist Phil Jimenez.

Marvel Comics has unveiled the Pride Month variant cover for Wolverine # 13, representing Logan’s son, Roofs by artist Phil Jimenez. The once-villainous and still ruthless son of Wolverine stands in front of a blood-tinged white background, looking both menacing and seductive, as he is so often portrayed in X-Men titles. His iconic free-flowing mohawk is rendered with black brush strokes, adding an element of mixed media to standard pencils and inks.

Created by writer Daniel Way and Steve Dillon on the pages of Origins of Wolverine # 10, Daken was initially conceived as a major complication in Logan’s life. As Wolverine’s long-lost son, Daken spent much of his early publishing history as a cold-blooded villain manipulated to fight his father. Since then, he has served as a member of the Dark Avengers, the Brotherhood of Mutants, and currently X-Factor Investigations. Following his first appearance in 2007, Daken has become one of the most recognizable bisexual characters in Marvel Comics.

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To commemorate Pride Month, Marvel Comics has enlisted some of the best talent in the industry to provide variant covers for their ongoing titles that feature LGBTQ + heroes and villains. Eisner-nominated artist Phil Jiménez and colorist Marte Gracia have lent their talents to this stunning rendition of Daken. Combining sexuality with violence, this cover perfectly captures the elements of this character that have transformed him from a questionable villain to a fan-favorite and morally ambiguous antihero.

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Currently, Daken can be found on the pages of the X Factor creative team title Leah Williams and David Baldeon. As part of the predominantly queer team investigating cases of mutant killings and discrepancies in Krakoan’s resurrection protocols, Daken has been completely redeemed from his history as one of the X-Men’s most brutal villains. Throughout the series, he has begun a causal relationship with former Alpha Flight member Aurora.

Thanks to the mutant nation of Krakoa’s amnesty program, Daken has been absolved of his past sins and has been accepted as a member of Logan’s extended family, which includes his clones Laura Kinney and Scout (formerly Honey Badger). In June, the X-Men titles will take part in the Hellfire Gala, a one-night event that will unfold over the course of 12 issues along the line and promises another major shift in the fate of mutant species. If the character’s story is something to follow, Daken’s motivations and alliances are subject to change, no matter what the future holds. Glutton and the X Men.

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