On May 4, 2020, the saga of The Clone Wars It ended. With a total of seven seasons, twelve years and hundreds of episodes, it served as a treasure trove of ideas and characters. However, even with the series finished, the legacy will continue with the next series that has fans excited. The bad lot and hopefully, the characters too.

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Given the extent of the Star Wars universe, there are dozens of characters and ideas Clone wars I forgot that the next show could bring it back. Of course, some of those ideas are best left behind, no matter how good or bad they are.

10 Brought back: The Zillo Beast

The Zillo Beast rises from the depths and attacks the locals.

In 2010, the public met the terrifying Zillo Beast, an ancient creature believed to be dead for a long time. After the beast terrorized Coruscant, it was eventually killed, though good Chancellor Palpatine requested that it be cloned.

However, for one reason or another, fans never saw the Zillo Beast clone. Perhaps people like Bad Batch could meet the creature on one of his escapades and get into a kaiju-style fight that finally brings that open-ended story arc to a proper ending.

9 It will not be: The Martez sisters

The Martez Sisters scam out of a situation

Despite being introduced only a year ago, there are many fans who want to forget about the Martez Sisters. A couple of unlucky girls who befriended Ashoka, the Martez Sisters disliked fans primarily because of their characterization and usage.

Fortunately, it is more than likely that the Martez Sisters will not return in the next series. In large part due to her connection to Ashoka Tano, even if the series returns to her side of the Galaxy, it is more than likely that they will not make another appearance.

8 Brought: Geonosis

The remains of the planet Geonosis after the first battle.

In a galaxy far, far away, there are thousands, if not millions, of planets to explore. Still, Star Wars He always seems to focus on a select few, including the bug-infested house on Geonosis. However, after the second battle of Geonosis, Clone wars I never came back

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While the follow-up series, Rebels made a return to the planet, it’s still worth diving into the dark history of Geonosis. Whether it’s about the extinction of insects, the construction of the Death Star, or something else entirely.

7 It will not be: Mortis

Anakin sees his future and becomes Darth Vader in Mortis

Many of the arches in Clone wars they were meant to be unique. The Mortis bow, one of the best bows in the series, was one of those bows. While no plans were unveiled to return to planet Mortis, fans were still hoping that he would somehow return.

However, it makes no sense to return to the planet. After all, The Bad Batch is a group of clones. They are not Jedi looking for answers from The Son or The Father. It just wouldn’t work.

6 Brought: Return to Mon Cala

The Battle of Mon Call in the War for Mon Cala

Before Clone wars was first canceled in 2013, there were many ideas and concepts left in the air that would go unfinished for years. While the Bad Batch was an idea that resurfaced, another, the return to Mon Cala, could also reappear.

Although the original story would change, Bad Batch traveling to Mon Cala could bring back forgotten stories that the series left behind. Meeting the King, fighting the enemy forces, all that would be is a connection to the series of yore.

5 It will not be: Yoda and the bad group

Wrecker and a Wookiee are lurking in Kasyyyk

Although they only recently appeared in the world of Star Wars, the Bad Batch had been working for years. So much so, that another arc had been resolved with the Batch. An arc in which they joined Yoda on Kashyyyk for a deadly mission.

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For obvious reasons, this lost idea should remain lost. Since the series takes place after the fall of the Jedi, Yoda would not be in Kashyyyk or join clones given his exile on Dagobah after being beaten by the Emperor.

4 Brought Back: The Duel of Fett and Cad Bane

Cad Bane and Boba Fett face off in a duel

Like Bad Batch, there was another arc in the works for a time: another Boba Fett story. Following the team of Boba Fett and Cad Bane, the arc would lead to a duel between Fett and Bane.

Since Bad Batch will serve as a group of mercenaries, it is more than likely that they will come across outlaws like Cad Bane and Boba. Additionally, it could serve as an intriguing arc, completing the story that began in season two and completing Fett’s origin.

3 Will not be: Barriss Offee

Barriss Offee fights Anakin in the Jedi temple

After Pong Krell, Barriss Offee is one of Star Wars’ most hated characters. Barriss, a former Padawan who turned to the Dark Side and accused Ashoka Tano of murder, was locked up in the Jedi Council, never to be seen again, and hopefully never seen again.

As with Mortis, Barriss’s connection was to the Jedi, to Anakin and Ashoka. Just dropping it and creating a very loose connection with the Clones would feel lazy and, in a way, fanatic. Better to leave Offee locked where she belongs.

two Brought back: Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress serves as Count Dooku's apprentice.

Though she’s also a former Jedi-turned-Sith, there’s more reason to bring back the insanely badass Asajj Ventress. A former apprentice to Count Dooku, Ventress became a bounty hunter after being betrayed and was very successful at that as well.

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In the vein of Bane and Fett, Ventress could appear as a bounty hunter. Whether he’s working for or against Bad Batch, it’s about time the Sith assassin returned to the universe after being absent from the galaxy for so long.

one Will not be: Son of Dathomir / Darth Maul

Darth Maul fights Sidious and Dooku in Son of Dathomir

Son of Dathomir was a story involving fan-favorite villain Darth Maul after his fall on Mandalore to Palpatine. While the arc was adapted into a comic, Maul’s idea in general is most likely not used in the series.

It is for a couple of reasons. While Maul is on the run from the Empire, some things are best left untold. It is not necessary to see all the details surrounding Maul and his flight from the Empire is something else left to the imagination.

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