Coming alongside its late 2019 release, The Morning Show solidified Apple’s new streaming service, Apple TV +, as one of the top competitors in the competitive world of streaming studios. Complete with real-world events as a backdrop and a realistic cast of characters, the series tackles unfortunate topics like sexual assault in the news division of the media.

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Of the characters, Bradly Jackson is one of the most lovable, but he’s also someone with a dark and complex side. While she may be the worst, she is often innocent and has many great moments throughout the show’s current and unique season.

10 The worst: run when faced with adversity

Bradley and Alex sit at the desk at The Morning Show

Throughout the series, fans watch many of Bradley’s unhappy moments in his childhood. While it is only in small chunks, it is clear that it was never a very happy home and he hates that. ETC tries to sweeten his childhood in his debut, even going so far as to expose some things that he wanted to keep secret.

While no one could blame her for running away from this family, it is still a bad way to leave them behind. That includes his brother and mother when he bans the concert in ETC.

9 The best: she takes care of everyone

Bradley and Alex hold microphones on The Morning Show

Bradley worries about many things. The truth, the news and those around her. While she and Alex are close, they are clearly keeping a distance. In the sixth episode “The Pendulum Swings”, that gap is closed when Alex worries about his impending divorce and tells his only son.

Bradley takes the time to comfort her because it is not only the right thing to do, but also what friends do.

8 The worst: sometimes it can go too far

Bradley hears someone off-camera on The Morning Show

Sometimes, in an attempt to get to the bottom of things, Bradley forgets that he is interviewing real people. While this makes her an excellent journalist, it is a mistake.

When interviewing one of the many women on Mitch’s sexual assault allegations, she pushed so hard for more information that the woman cried. While she was just doing her job and was educated about it, it still earned her the worst card for unearthing haunting memories.

7 The best: her willingness to be a mentor

Spunky Claire is a favorite among the cast of fan characters around the world. Given Claire’s fruity language and that Bradley’s nickname is “Two F *** s Jackson,” it would make sense for the two to bond as soul mates.

Bradley sees herself in Claire and can see her for her raw talent. In the wildfire episode, she offers him an assistant position at the scene and the two are teamed up with Bradley as a mentor.

6 Worst: trusts Cory too much

Cory on the couch with a laptop on The Morning Show

This can be considered good and bad. Cory surprises most fans by being eccentric and weird. Clearly an outcast, he doesn’t seem to be trusted as he’s an executive, unless you’re on his good side. Bradley certainly is, as viewers watch their relationship unfold and it feels like he has a deep longing for her.

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Bradley treats him as a great friend and ally, prompting her to talk to Cory about Mitch Kessler’s interview in the episode “Play the Queen.” This pivotal interview would certainly see ETC Take down and get Fred, the boss of the network, fired. That’s a lot of crucial information to trust.

5 Better: You will compromise success for the common good

Bradley speaks while holding clothes on The Morning Show

Putting on Co-Anchor The Morning Show it was the last way Bradley expected his life to end. It is clear to viewers that he has had nothing but struggles and setbacks in his life. While unexpected, it would be extremely difficult to give up the opportunity of a lifetime.

In the same discussion of Mitch Kessler’s interview with Cory, the two talk about whether she considered the fact that it could ruin her career. She responds wistfully, but is determined to set the record straight and give the women who have been victims something better than what they have received.

4 The worst: she forgets the people close to her when the news arrives

Bradley Jackson at The Morning Show Desk

Alex and Bradley aren’t exactly the type of friends who sip wine and braid their hair late into the night, but they stick together on a business level. Of course, working together makes it very easy to form an intimate friendship.

When Bradley gets word from Mitch that he wants to do an interview with her on the show, he can’t help but consider it given the stellar journalist that she is. However, she forgets to think about what that would do to Alex, who is supposed to be her partner.

3 The best: his fiery spirit and soul

Bradley with a microphone at a protest on The Morning Show

It’s hard to find a better introduction for a character than Bradley’s appearance at the coal protest. In the debut episode, fans really know Bradley early on for his passion. At the coal protest, he attacks a counter-protester with what he knows best: facts.

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Yelling at protesters is caught on camera and, of course, goes viral. Inevitably leads her to get it ETC. Fans love her fearless nature and it’s a favorite aspect of her personality.

two Worst: met with Mitch Kessler

Mitch Kessler with folded hands at a table on The Morning Show

That old phrase “curiosity killed the cat” rings really true. When Bradley meets Mitch in the park out of sheer interest, she is uncomfortable.

She knows meeting him is a bad idea, as he is doing it behind Alex’s back and given his story. Still, you can’t help but research and delve into the story.

one The best: he will stop at nothing to discover the truth

Bradley Jackson looking forward on The Morning Show

Bradley loves nothing but the truth! For her, it goes above all else and is committed. Viewers see this multiple times throughout the series and in the real world, the truth is something everyone yearns for these days. Bradley uses his platform for the greater good often and his greatest goal is to discover The Morning Show scandal.

He even corners Mitch in an elevator, probing him to see who was an accessory to his actions. While you come across a cryptic answer, it doesn’t stop you from trying to figure it all out.

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