Blake Shelton may have applied for a Maroon 5 reunion at his wedding, but Adam Levine thinks a certain country singer could get the job.

Friendship between The voice Judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have always been sarcastically funny. For eight years, they have fought and fought each other to get the best contestants on their own team. Even after Adam left the show, he criticized Blake, stating that his former co-star had been named “The sexiest man alive” for People four years after he himself was a “degrade. Now, as Blake prepares to marry his fiancee Gwen Stefani, the relationship between him and Adam hasn’t changed much. Although Blake apparently wants Adam to perform at the wedding, the Maroon 5 singer doesn’t think the offer is serious yet. ..

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Adam resigned from his post as judge for a long time in The voice after season 16 and it doesn’t seem to be open for a comeback. During an Instagram Q&A, when asked by a fan if he would ever return to the show, he replied, “No thanks?“Meanwhile, Blake stayed with the NBC series, where he fell in love with Gwen. After dating for five years, the couple got engaged in October 2020. Although fans are eagerly awaiting their nuptials, they refuse to have one.”COVID wedding. “Gwen wants her parents to be present without worrying about getting sick. She also doesn’t want to cut her guest list, nor does she want attendees to have to wear face masks.

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Blake and Gwen have yet to choose a wedding date, but they are starting to plan a few things, including who should perform at the reception. Several months ago Late night with Seth Myers, Blake revealed that he wants Adam to reunite Maroon 5 and play on his big day. As reported by ME!, Adam recently addressed Blake’s request on SiriusXM The morning puree. “They can’t pay me“He said with a laugh.”I’d love to. I would be honored. They won’t ask me though. They’ll probably get like Luke Bryan or someone. “

When Blake made his statement about Seth myers, Adam was watching live. “I was home quarantined … and I said, ‘Here’s that face. I can’t forget that face ‘… they’re talking about marriage and he’s like,’ I’m going to have Adam Levine come play. He still doesn’t know, ‘and I’m sitting on the bed eating popcorn and I’m like,’ Man, fuck you. I’m not coming to play your wedding. ‘”

For anyone wondering if Adam and Blake’s teasing is out of love or hate, Adam cleared up any misconceptions. He said in The morning puree, “I was just literally texting with them. [Blake and Gwen]. Love you very much. It’s so funny that you brought them up because I texted them 10 minutes ago, like, ‘I miss you guys, I love you guys.. ‘”Even if Adam doesn’t take the job as a wedding singer, it will be interesting to see if he plays another role. If he is tasked with giving a best man speech, it will surely be a memorable moment.

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Source: ME!

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