The Guardians of the Galaxy are putting on new costumes in Marvel Comics, and there’s good reason this has long been thrilling fans.

Warning: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 12!

The Guardians of the Galaxy He changed drastically in the comics after his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his new Marvel Comics costumes have long thrilled comic book fans as they return to their roots. Before their MCU debut, the Guardians from the comics worked together to protect the galaxy. They were a real organization that had high-level clearance and dealt with galactic politics and danger, with cool uniforms. In the movies, they became a motley crew of pirates, and the comic book versions changed to represent that. Now longtime comic book fans of the original Guardians of the Galaxy can get excited again, because at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy # 12 They are back in matching outfits and increasing their responsibilities, just like the old days.

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is no doubt that the Guardians of the Galaxy They are a group of characters that work well together, but they have never seemed like a full-blown team. They are a group of rogues who come together to perform insane robberies and fight baddies that cross their path. At Dan Abnett’s Guardians of the Galaxy run, they were much more of a team than a gang. They shared a common purpose and were an official group, represented by the outfits they wore.

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Things are getting back to the way they were before, and this is partly reflected in the new outfits they are wearing at the end of the last issue. This is even pointed out to them when Super-Skrull tells them that there would be no difference in how things have been in recent years if they had disbanded. The team suits make sense, as the Guardians are replacing the Nova Corps in the next issues of the series. Super-Skrull informs you in this very issue that the Galactic Council can no longer allow them to operate as before, which is basically a group of pirates doing whatever they want. Thanks to the Kree-Skrull War, the council is unable to fund a new Nova Corps, prompting the Guardians of the Galaxy to take over.


These new suits feature a red letter G on the shoulders, surrounded by a yellow insignia. They are mainly blue, with red stripes, red boots, and red gloves. Some of the Guardians also appear to have utility belts built in. Having the team put on the same costumes not only makes them look more official, but these outfits also make them look really cool. One of the stepping stones to this evolution of the Guardians is, in large part, thanks to current writer Al Ewing, and how he changed the character of Star-Lord to make it a perfect balance between the old comic book version and the on-screen portrayal of Chris Pratt. In the movies, Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians are much more carefree than their original comic book counterparts, taking their job as defenders of the galaxy very seriously, rather than acting like a gang of pirates and scoundrels. . Fans of this starting team will be very happy to see what they enjoyed about the team in the pages of the current comics.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy officially replacing the Nova Corps as the primary protectors of the universe, they will surely take their job more seriously and form more of a team than a gang of pirates. The story will continue in future issues that fans of the original team will likely be pleased with. Guardians of the Galaxy # 12 written by Al Ewing and with art by Juann Cabal is already in stores and online.

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