There is nothing more enjoyable than immersing yourself in a good movie or TV show after a long day of hard work. And while everyone knows how much fun getting lost in a good fictional story can be, one of the most underrated and entertaining elements of enjoying these plays is daydreaming about the cool jobs and professions their characters occupy.

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In fact, one reason for this is the stark contrast that these fantastic (and sometimes terrifying) works of fiction offer an irresistible way of escaping reality. So it’s no wonder that many Redditors have already set out to ask and answer the question of what would be everyone’s favorite fictional dream jobs. And since some answers are too fun to pass up, there are only a few that should be shared with the world.

10 Dream Extractor (start)

An image of Joseph Gordon-Levitt standing in a hotel room in Inception

TO Reddit user (who has since deleted his account), took this question too literally, providing what is easily one of the best and most ingenious answers on this list. For them, the best “dream job” would be “a professional dream stealer as in Start. “However, many would agree that this successful profession from 2010 may have some moral implications (given that the dream stealer essentially means sneaking into other people’s dreams and tricking the person into unwittingly revealing their secrets).

But could some argue that there are ways in which a “dream extractor” could be used for positive purposes? It’s possible. Psychologists and other mental health specialists can use the “pump” as a therapeutic technique to help people with their problems. Some may also argue that they would rather be “an architect of dreams” and help subjects achieve what they have always envisioned.

9 Assassin Looper (Looper)

An image of Joseph Gordon Levitt holding a pistol in Looper

Reward U / DA3DALUSxGAMER says: “Call me crazy, but I would love to become a Looper Assassin. I understand the consequences, but imagine the money!”

Sure, being a hardcore hitman who’s trained to kill time-traveling victims can seem exciting to some people, especially since the pay comes in gold and silver bars. However, this morally questionable career comes at a price, meaning that after 30 years of lavish living, the looper will share the same fate as his anonymous victims. It’s no wonder this work isn’t among the most popular on Reddit, as only a few people would be comfortable with the consequences of “closing a loop” (or even killing).

8 Toy tester (large)

Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia dancing on the floor piano at Big

The idea for this came from u / paper_swan, who suggests that becoming a toy tester in the movie Big it is a much more interesting and glamorous profession. Not only would trying all kinds of cool toys imaginable be an amazing job for anyone in the real world, but it was also the dream job of the film’s leading man, Josh (Tom Hanks), whose huge salary allowed him to move into his own place. packed with toys, including his own pinball machine.

7 Gardener in Hobbiton (Lord of the Ring)

For many people, a quiet and peaceful work in nature is where it is found. However, Reddit u / nflipflops military pants He took that notion to a whole new level when they suggested that his dream job would be “Gardener, in Hobbiton. Living that peaceful life.” In Tolkien’s works, this is indeed described as a royal (and quite noble) family profession, passed down from generation to generation by “The Gardeners on the Hill”, descendants of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton.

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Even Tolkien himself was very fond of the profession, describing himself in his letter as a Hobbit for his love of nature, gardening, trees and, of course, pipes. In fact, he also considered gardening to be a very noble profession. So if it’s good enough for Tolkien, it’s good enough for anyone else.

6 Any Jurassic Park job

According to u / specialtomebabe, “virtually all jobs in Jurassic Park, “would qualify as a dream job. Imagine being hired by John Hammond and having the freedom to design the park however you wish.

In fact, there are several jobs that one can occupy in Jurassic Park, including chaotic, geneticist, paleobotanist, and paleontologist. Working with animals day after day is interesting enough, but imagine working in a prehistoric setting with literal dinosaurs roaming around.

5 Hogwarts Professor (Harry Potter)

A picture of all the Hogwarts teachers sitting in the Harry Potter Great Hall.

Here’s one that most Potterheads will definitely agree on. There is no better job than being a Hogwarts professor. According to u / mightyandpowerful, his reasoning is that “you get free room and board AND no one seems to care if you are a good teacher or not.”

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The best part is that this profession can be adapted to almost any personality and talent given the scope of the different and unique teaching positions at Hogwarts. For instance, Reddit user PrincessPuglet he dreams of being “Professor of Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts. Once Hagrid retires, of course.”

4 Auror (Harry Potter)

An image of Daniel Radcliffe using his wand in Harry Potter

Given how popular the professions of the Harry Potter world are among the Redditors, one more dream job is in order. This one comes from u / asianfromthecongo, who would love to be “an Auror of the Harry Potter Serie. “For those who are not familiar with this fictitious profession, an Auror is basically a detective or law enforcement officer appointed by the Ministry of Magic, on the hunt for magical criminals. The training for an Auror is extremely extensive and thorough, that is , only the best magicians can qualify for the position.

Yet despite all the dangers and challenges that this job would bring, it’s easy to see why it would be a popular choice. After all, it is the profession that Harry himself chose after the events of the books and so did his best friend Ron.

3 Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters)

An image of the four Ghostbusters in a row holding their weapons in the Ghostbusters movie.

This dream job idea comes from Reddit user Bazoodle who was “extremely surprised that no one else said this.” And while being a Ghostbusters definitely qualifies as cool, it’s probably not everyone’s dream job for good reason. As another Reddit user kjata responds“Not many people are willing to carry particle accelerators on their backs every day.”

It’s worth noting that anyone brave enough to put on their uniform and grab those ghost vacuums should be prepared for some terrifying paranormal encounters, as well as being slimmed down on a daily basis.

two Agent MiB (Men in Black)

An image of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.  Jones holds a memory eraser

Speaking of the paranormal, what’s cooler than working for a top-secret organization that monitors and hides alien life on Earth? The idea for this dream job came from u / Kapadia1995A, which chose the 1997 blockbuster Men in black because “it’s like being a police officer but the victims and perpetrators are mostly aliens.”

The sheer number of different aliens and creative tactics they use to hide their existence on this planet, like all postmen are aliens or take the form of talking pugs, is astounding. Add to that time and space travel and the adventure never ends.

one The Doctor’s Companion (Doctor Who)

An image of David Tennant and Billie Piper in Doctor Who

While it is on the subject of time and space travel, there is a television franchise that takes that notion to an extreme far greater than any other: Doctor who. For Reddit user ljahb, being the Doctor’s partner would be a dream job. And while there’s a lot of merit to this answer, it’s probably best described as a dream job, given that most of the Doctor’s peers kept their day jobs and only traveled with him in their spare time. For example, Clara continued teaching, Amy modeled, and Rory continued to breastfeed. Also, who wouldn’t want to spend time exploring the entire universe in their spare time?

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