A resemblance is likely to occur in anime as artists take inspiration from the world around them, both in nature and in entertainment. Some similarities may be direct homages while others are accidental. Except for the crosses, these tributes are often the only way to carry the representation of one series to another, expanding the community of the viewer base.

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Pokemon is a franchise that has many references to other anime, including popular series like Naruto. With over 900 Pokémon (including alternate forms and power-ups), there are many similarities to the Naruto franchise. These similarities can range from direct tributes to myths to general design and even similarities of traditions.

10 Ninetails is basically Kurama

Ninetails and Kurama Naruto and Pokémon

Ninetails is a majestic two-way fox Pokémon that is designed after the mythical Kitsune of Japanese tradition. In-universe, there are several explanations for the power of this Pokémon, including the combination of nine saints and the possibility of living for 1000 years and cursing those who touch it for 1000 years.

Kurama is the nine-tailed fox demon that inhabits Naruto, giving him immense chakra abilities. It is also based on Kitsune and has the same color scheme as Vulpix, the previous form of Ninetails.

9 Incineroar looks like Mizuki with tiger faces and buff bodies

Incineroar and Mizuki Naruto and Pokemon

Presented as one of the last initial evolutions of Sun and moonIncineroar is a type of fire and darkness known to fight anyone at any time. It favors violence, and most of its Pokédex entries highlight its fighting abilities, such as fierce punches and kicks. Its design is based on a heel, which is a fighter who portrays the bad guy.

A true bad boy, Mizuki is the kickoff to Naruto’s journey, convincing him to steal a forbidden scroll. Mizuki returns later, with a cursed seal prototype and a bad reaction to a potion, giving him his tiger appearance.

8 Hitmonlee and Rock Lee are named after Bruce Lee

Hitmonlee and Rock Lee Naruto and Pokémon

Both characters are honored to be named, at least in English, after Bruce Lee. Hitmonlee was introduced in Generation I, along with Hitmonchan. He is a heavy-legged fighter, who uses kicks to complete most of his fights. His arms and legs appear to have a wrapped pattern, similar to bandages.

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One of the Konoha 11, Rock Lee is a minor character with a great personality in the Naruto franchise. He originally appears as a counterattack to Sasuke, then to Gaara, and later to Kimimaro. Known for some of the best fight scenes in the original Naruto series, Rock Lee also adorns bandages on his arms and legs, even wearing them to fight.

7 Hariyama looks like Choji being both big boys with big hands

Hariyama and Choji Naruto and Pokémon

Modeled after a sumo wrestler, Hariyama was introduced in Generation III as the fighting-type evolution of Makuhita. His giant hands and Arm Thrust move make him an enemy who refuses to be beaten in combat.

Choji is another of the Konoha 11 of the new version of the trio known as Ino-Shika-Cho. The Akimichi clan is known for their large body size and their own Body Expansion Jutsu, including the often used partial multi-size technique, which Choji often uses to make his hands huge.

6 Infernape is the Monkey King: Enma On Fire

Infernape and Monkey King Enma Naruto and Pokémon

Another fire starter, Infernape is often referred to when discussing Pokémon that resemble other anime characters due to the prevalence of the Monkey King in Japanese stories. As the final evolution of Sinnoh’s fire starter, Infernape has become a fan favorite, especially after receiving a strong storyline in the anime.

Monkey King: Enma is an invocation belonging to the Third Hokage. A solid fighter and weapon when transformed into an ever-expanding staff, he is an aggressive and caring personality, especially when it comes to his master.

5 Shiny Phantump emotionally resembles Obito – they both died as children and then turned into wood

Phantump and Obito Naruto and Pokemon

While they don’t share many similarities aside from having wooden faces, the lore look of these two is quite similar. Phantump is a grass and ghost type Pokémon that, according to many Pokédex entries, is said to be the spirit of a boy who died in the forest and inhabits a tree stump.

Obito, on the other hand, was a ninja boy who, during the Third Shinobi World War, died in a forest, only to later fuse with a wood-like material. His abilities evolved with his body, allowing him to use his Sharingan to become untouchable as a ghost and use Wood Release Jutsus.

4 Torkoal and Ningame are wise turtles

Torkoal and Ningame Naruto and Pokémon

Torkoal is a fire-breathing turtle who loves coal so much that he will spend all his time digging in the coal mines. The anime often portrays Torkoal as aloof while noting that he acts like an old man, giving him a wise demeanor.

Ningame, tangentially related, is exactly what her name translates to, a Ninja Turtle. Summoning Might Guy, Ningame is a wise turtle who uses his shell for defense and offense as needed. It is especially useful when used in conjunction with Might Guy’s powerful attacks.

3 Goomy and Katsuyu are acid spitting slugs

Goomy and Katsuyu Naruto and Pokemon

Goomy is noted to be the weakest Dragon-type Pokémon in multiple Pokédex entries. This slimy dragon is based on a slug and is covered in a mucous membrane that is apparently full of germs. Although not actually a poison type, it does pass the moving acid spray to Sliggo as an egg move.

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Katsuyu has the honor of being the only slug summon to actually appear within the series. This being can divide and transfer information and chakra to a wide range of ninjas as seen during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Katsuyu doesn’t have many combat skills, but he can spit acid.

two Politoed and Gamatatsu are outcast toads of the family with spiral markings

Gamatatsu and Politoed Naruto and Pokémon

Politoed was introduced in Generation II as a split evolution of the Poliwag line, using a Kings Rock instead of a water stone to evolve. This frog was introduced to give a clearer evolution from tadpole to frog, reflecting the life cycle of frogs in the real world. It keeps the swirl pattern, but its color scheme changes completely.

Gamatatsu is one of several summons that assisted Naruto on his journey to become a toad summoner and a great ninja. Gamakichi’s younger brother, Gamatatsu also stands out from his fellow toads, being yellow, while the rest of his immediate family is red-orange. It also has a spiral design on the chest.

one Sandslash and Jiraiya use their pickaxes to attack and defend

Jiraiya and Sandslash Naruto and Pokémon

Sandslash is a ground-type Pokémon that is based on a pangolin, but is also based on the design of hedgehogs and porcupines, as reflected by its barbed back. These spikes are used in both defense and attack, allowing Sandslash to remain protected while using moves like Rollout, similar to a certain blue hedgehog.

Jiraiya is one of the legendary Sanin and Naruto’s mentor. Notably a foolish, yet powerful old man, he uses a variety of jutsu. One of his best known abilities is using his hair offensively and defensively, similar to Sandslash, although Jiraiya can grow and retract his hair with ease.

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