90 Day Fiancé star David Toborowsky keeps proving that he is #TeamAmira, and after seeing Andrew Kenton’s threats towards him, Amira Lollysa thanked him.

Andrew Kenton of 90 day fiancé has been fighting with David Toborowsky lately, and now, Amira Lollysa is talking about their continuous arguments and threats. Andrew hasn’t won over the crowds with his threats to David, and he certainly didn’t make fans with the toxic treatment of his ex, Amira. The fan favorite David recently revealed that Andrew claiming to have gotten an unfair edit on the TLC show is just him trying to save himself. But the feud, which started because David and his wife Annie Suwan sent Amira a cameo, got no reaction from her until now.

It seems that the 90 day fiancé The community of fans and stars tried to take sides when Amira was arrested in Mexico while Andrew was receiving massages at a luxurious resort. Some fans blamed Amira for being too gullible, while others declared Andrew the villain. In fact, the couple’s season 8 co-stars Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya also showed their support for Andrew, surprising many. But unsurprisingly, Amira won the duel, thanks to Andrew’s clearly manipulative streak that was on full display through his text messages and actions in 90 day fiancé. Andrew ended up facing the ire of more TLC viewers after he verbally attacked David.

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In my opinion, he’s a wannabe, so he tried to fight a 52-year-old man.David said, describing Andrew when asked why he doesn’t like his posts. He also revealed how Andrew’s anger towards him came through the cameo that he and Annie shared with Amira. Clearly, David being #TeamAmira and ignoring her claims that she is a mastermind in search of fame does not bode well for Andrew. The California resident posted a video on his own Instagram where he stated that he would hit David while referring to the 90 day fiancé star like “the one that looks like a Batman Ninja Turtle Penguin a ** b *** h. “

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Meanwhile, Amira finally broke her silence on the subject when she shared a screenshot of the story titled “90 Day Boyfriend: Andrew threatening David Toborowsky on video surfaces”On his Instagram. Amira wrote how “a man who not only respects but also EMPOWERS women like @toborowsky_david is a man all men should look up to. “To throw more shade on Andrew, Amira added how David is”a true role model. ” David he himself republished Amira’s story as he thanked her, and reloaded the cameo on his own page.

In his comment section, David explained how he couldn’t imagine being in a foreign country and not understanding the language with immigration issues like Amira did. David also agreed with fans who mentioned how Andrew should have gone to help her or find a translator for Amira, and with a fan who wrote “he [Andrew] suuuuuuucks“David replied,”and he’s probably not good at it either.” Meanwhile, 90 day fiancé Star Andrew has yet to give his reaction to the issue, but has conveniently turned off his own IG comments. How will the dispute finally unfold? Is there any hope that Andrew will apologize?

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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