Director Adam Wingard talks about the upcoming Face / Off sequel and says the body swapping bug from the original film has been addressed and will be fixed.

The next director Adam Wingard Face / Off The sequel will supposedly fix the body swap bug from the original film. Released in 1997, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta went head-to-head in John Woo’s high-octane action thriller, Face / Off. In the movie, Travolta’s FBI agent Sean Archer is forced to swap faces with Cage’s infamous terrorist John Castor, the only person who can divulge information about where a bomb has been hidden.

Face / Off It is often considered Woo’s most popular Hollywood film, grossing more than $ 245 million worldwide from the $ 80 million production. On the release date, Cage and Travolta were at the peak of their action hero status. Travolta starred in Woo’s action movie, Broken Arrow, past year Face / Off made its premiere, while Cage led a cast in Simon West directed and Jerry Bruckheimer produced the action thriller, Air conditioner, also released in 1997. The latest version of Face / Off has been working at Paramount Pictures since 2019, but Wingard was recently cast to direct, perhaps due to the studio’s trust in Wingard following his involvement in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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In an interview with Uproxx, Wingard recently spoke about the sequel (definitely no a remake) and his intention to correct the original film’s body change bug. When asked about the main characters exchanging faces, but keeping the same bodies, Wingard says:

We Try to address that in this movie, because this too is more than 20 years after the first movie. So the technology in terms of what they can do in the Face / Off world has advanced, and that sort of thing. So we try to make sure that when the topic comes up, we’re checking those boxes and making sure it’s addressed. But at the end of the day, it’s like … Yeah, that’s all I’ll say about it, because it’s one of the things. I don’t want to reveal too much, too soon.

Face to face 1997

It’s obvious that Wingard keeps his cards close to his chest, but fans of the original film may feel some relief that the director acknowledges such a glaring inconsistency. When Archer initially swaps faces with Troy, it is apparent that Travolta’s face remained on his body and the same with Cage. This is an obvious theme within the film, but one that the discerning fan chooses to ignore in order to suspend disbelief. It’s possible that Wingard and his frequent writing partner, Simon Barrett, will tackle and fix this for the sequel in their script.

Nevertheless Face / Off ended up with Castor Troy being shot by a shuttle, it is possible that in Wingard’s sequel he never died. Both Travolta and Cage are rumored to be in talks to return Side / Off 2 if they are happy with the script and if they will have script approval, which means that the actors will need to approve the plot and its respective parts within the script from Wingard and Barrett before agreeing to return.

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Source: Uproxx

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