After the great success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which was released primarily into production due to fan pressure, audiences are back on Twitter and again demanding the world of Warner Bros. There are plenty of movies that deserve the Snyder Cut treatment, but more than anything else, fans want a “Yesterday Cut” from Suicide squad, which was directed by David Ayer. And if there’s any movie that needs it, fans feel it is Suicide squad.

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With problematic production, studio interference, and so much unused footage, fans have taken to Twitter with #ReleaseTheAyerCut, which has now received millions of tweets. Although the next sequel / soft reboot Suicide squad it looks great and is one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, clearly not enough.

10 Is there the cut Yesterday?

Although it’s a long shot, Warner Bros. tells fans they won’t be releasing a version of Yesterday from Suicide squad, they have also inadvertently told fans that the cut actually appears to exist. But it could also mean that Warner Bros. has to work on their writing when they make announcements.

There are so many images that fans have not seen, and although Suicide squad It may not be one of Margot Robbie’s best movies, it’s one of her better roles, as she gave life to the character of Harley Quinn. And if there’s a chance to see more of the character in invisible footage from the first movie, Warner Bros. can bet its bottom dollar that all Twitter users will read your comments and put a positive spin on it in any way they can.

9 Batman buys Warner Bros.

Actually, it’s extremely unlikely that Warner Bros. has a cut Yesterday that just keeps him locked in a vault. But if that was ever the case, this metajoke expresses it perfectly. The joke references Zack Snyder’s Justice League and a line nearing the end.

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When Clark Kent asks how Bruce Wayne was able to acquire his family’s farm from the bank, Bruce has a perfect answer in character. Says he just went out and bought the bank. Batman is worth being.

8 I was not impressed

One of the most striking changes in the League of Justice Zack Snyder’s edition is when Superman saves Cyborg’s life, while standing in front of Steppenwolf when he tries to cut Cyborg with his giant ax. The ax lands on Superman’s shoulder like a pillow hitting a brick.

It’s a cool moment, and Superman tells Steppenwolf that he’s not impressed, but that he’s quickly turned into something of a meme. This time, a fan has expertly used it to show their feelings for Warner Bros. ‘decision not to work on a cut from Yesterday and finish the SnyderVerse.

7 Filtering the cut Yesterday

Tweeting to the film’s director, a Twitter user hilariously tries to urge him to leave a USB with his cutout installed in a public bathroom, hinting that someone would find it and leak it to the world. The tweet is also attached to an amazing fan-made movie poster for Ayer’s cut.

If the hack really did exist, it wouldn’t be the first time creators have leaked things. Ryan Reynolds leaked test images of dead Pool while in development, so fans would pressure 20th Century Fox, and John Boyega accidentally left a script of Rise of the Skywalker in a hotel room just for a cleaner to find it.

6 Forming an alliance

David Ayer is actually extremely active on Twitter, and while he won’t be commenting too much on all the fan demands, he’s humble enough to respect what he deserves as he praised the newly released trailer for the next one. Suicide squad.

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As James Gunn, the director of the new movie, is also active on Twitter, he was quick to show how much he appreciates Ayer’s work as well. And it’s amazing to see the mutual appreciation amid tons of toxic lawsuits and fights between studios and fans.

5 Suicide Squad or Suicide Squad

Given the fact that the first Suicide squad It was heavily criticized for various reasons, it’s not exactly the movie people gravitate to when looking for something to watch.

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But given that Suicide squad It seems like a soft reboot of the first movie, reboots aren’t exactly something fans are excited about in the future of the DCEU. So for some DCEU fans, Suicide squad it looks pretty good right now. But the merit where the merit deserves, the trailer of Suicide squad It hits every beat perfectly, and the new characters seem hilarious.

4 Produced by The Snyders

One hawk-eyed fan was quick to find a piece of data that begs the question: “How deep does the rabbit hole go?” In the credits at the bottom of the poster, it is shown that Suicide squad It was produced by Zack and Deborah Snyder.

As the former obviously just released “The Snyder Cut,” which would not have happened without the support of fans, it raises suspicions as to which side Snyder is on and whether or not he supports the campaign for the cut Ayer.

3 Studio interference

Older items are being unearthed around the production of Suicide squad and all the interference from the studio. Yesterday he declared himself that the studio was making random and overridden decisions during production due to the reaction of Batman v. Superman and the popularity of dead Pool, which is what led to the messy end product.

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Studio interference is one of the main reasons fans wanted Snyder’s cut, as 60% of the original movie wasn’t even shot by the original director, and it’s the main reason fans now want a cut from Yesterday.

two Fan thought process

Since the two options are “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go get it,” there are no prizes for guessing which route fans took. The fans are hard go out and get Ayer’s cut by harassing anyone and everyone affiliated with Suicide squad to #ReleaseTheAyerCut.

However, it is not just the thought process of the fans, but it is advice that fans are now trying to give David Ayer, as this account literally tweeted the quote to the director.

one All deleted scenes

There have been rumors of all the extra invisible images of Suicide squad for years, since the movie was released. There are apparently tons of unused Joker footage lying on the cutting room floor, and most people know this because Jared Leto has made no secret of his feelings about it.

Leto’s gangster rendition of the character is memorable whether you’re a fan or not. The screenshots above hint at a really haunting scene that could be incredible. Nevertheless, Zack Snyder’s Justice League features a long appearance of the character at the end, which almost redeems the depiction of the character in Suicide squad.

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