Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It’s a relatively short action shonen series, but this heavily themed story doesn’t waste a single second of its 64-episode runtime. Even minor characters, as well as villains, have ample opportunities to dig deeper and change over time, including the greed of the homunculus.

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Greed is one of the seven homunculi created by the evil Father, though he was long gone his own way when Edward and Alphonse Elric begin their search. In some respects, Greed is the same as ever, but in other notable ways, he completely reinvented himself and became a whole new character in the final episode.

10 CHANGED: Anger turned from greed’s distant brother into a monstrous enemy

anger vs greed

Greed never got along with his six relatives, but for the most part, he was happier avoiding them than facing them in battle. All that changed when Wrath, or King Bradley, led a raiding party at his hideout and killed everyone there; Greed himself almost died in the process.

This outraged Greed, vowing revenge on Wrath in retaliation for killing his minions and humiliating him. Once, Wrath had been Greed’s distant brother, but this event made him a monstrous foe to defeat and Greed stormed directly onto Bradley’s property to exact revenge. The old version of him wouldn’t have done that.

9 KEPT THE SAME: Its ability to tighten skin is as powerful as ever

All homunculi have a special ability, fueled by alchemy and its Philosopher’s Stones. In Greed’s case, that power is called Ultimate Shield. When in use, Ultimate Shield will rearrange the carbon atoms in Greed’s body and condense them onto his skin.

The atoms are arranged to become as hard as diamonds, forming an almost unbreakable epidermis to protect Greed’s flesh during battle. Even after being fused and reborn, Greed retained this ability with all its strengths and weaknesses.

8 CHANGED: Greed’s desire to become immortal was replaced by new priorities

Greed didn’t stand up to the Elric brothers for my father’s sake. Instead, he was searching for the truth of immortality, to live forever and ever. Greed was naturally long-lived, but he feared death, so he tried to extract some secrets from Alphonse Elric, the boy tied to an imperishable armor.

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At first, this was very important to Greed, and he faced both Edward and Izumi Curtis in a battle to defend his objective. Later, however, the quest for immortality fell by the wayside and the Homunculus developed new priorities. Greed realized that eternal life was worth little without real friends.

7 He stayed the same: greed kept his desire for company

Greed never liked operating alone. While he was separated from the other six homunculi, he needed to have a full crew to carry out his various tasks. During the early stages of Fullmetal AlchemistGreed had a platoon of chimeras ready for combat at his side. Until Wrath killed them all, of course.

Greed later recruited more minions, including two chimeras and even Edward Elric himself. Greed believed himself to be the head of this group, but in reality, he and Ed were more like reluctant partners. Regardless, Greed proved he wasn’t the lone wolf type – allies always count for something.

6 CHANGED: Her appearance and clothes changed to match Ling Yao

Greed first appeared as a man in his early 30s, with a distinctly beak-shaped nose and erect hair, along with a fur-trimmed vest and pointed shoes. It was then melted back into a philosopher’s stone by the father, before being injected into Prince Ling Yao’s body.

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Greed was reborn with a new body to match. He and Ling now shared a body, and when the Homunculus manifested, his eye color and hairstyle changed slightly compared to Ling’s. Greed also wore a black coat over Ling’s xingese outfit, quite different from her first outfit.

5 REMAINING THE SAME: Greed still loves to hit its enemies with kicks and punches

Most homunculi fight closely as they see little need for firearms and cannot use alchemy like state alchemists do. As the dark Pride fights using its tentacles from afar and the assassin Lust can spread his fingers, Greed draws closer and closer.

He is a martial artist, he uses kicks and punches to hit his enemies (not to mention his nails hard as diamonds). This is where Greed’s Ultimate Shield comes in, protecting you from all harm as you get into physical fights with the enemy. And that is not going to change.

4 CHANGED: Her views on humanity were transformed after meeting Edward and Ling Yao

How do homunculi view humanity? Low light, for the most part. The father sees them as ants or worms to be ignored, while Pride loves to talk scornfully with humans, as does shape-shifting envy. Greed used to think that way too, but has had a huge change in perspective since then.

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Spending time with Edward and Ling has taught Greed that humanity’s tenacity, courage, and power of love are important assets that the homunculi completely lack. Greed soon sided with the humans, much to Wrath’s surprise and chagrin. There was no way Greed could look down on people any longer.

3 Stayed the same – the mad personality of greed persisted even after being melted down and reborn

Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood_ Greed

Greed’s personality underwent some changes, such as his attitude towards humanity, but it did not change. that a lot. He was carefree and optimistic when he first appeared, and he also had a lot of initiative and guts. Greed was among the most boisterous, even the most human, of all homunculi.

Her upbeat and slightly crazy personality persisted even when she was cast and reborn, such as during her interactions with Prince Ling or when she encountered third parties, such as Winry Rockbell. Greed was a mild source of comic relief at times, not to mention a bit unpredictable.

two CHANGED: His new attitude towards friendship and trust led him to sacrifice his life

Greed has always wanted companions, but initially saw them as a means to an end or treated them like a rock star treats his groupies. He was only slightly upset when Wrath killed them, but when Greed was reborn as Ling Yao, his attitude changed drastically.

He lost the memories of his first incarnation, but when those memories returned, he was horrified at the memory of Wrath killing all of his companions, viewing them as treasured friends. Later, Greed would lay down his life for his new friends, the ultimate sacrificial act. He had completed the circle.

one Stayed the same: greed never showed self-esteem issues

It is true that Greed became more humble and selfless as Fullmetal Alchemist He made progress, but that didn’t come at the cost of his self-esteem or his belief in himself. Instead, Greed admitted that she had been wrong before and used her powers for good rather than selfish ends.

No matter what he was doing, Greed was completely confident that he was doing the right thing and that he had the power to achieve his goals. He bravely faced Wrath a few more times after his initial defeat, and faced Father to weaken his creator and leave him vulnerable to his many enemies. Greed was nothing but trust, until the end.

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