It’s possible to jump right into the big monster fight, but there are a few little things you’ll miss.


Godzilla vs. Kong is apparently the sequel to three films and the finale to a franchise that Warner Bros. started in 2014. So if you’ve managed to miss the MonsterVerse but are still, understandably, intrigued by the idea of ​​a gigantic dinosaur ape radioactive in your mouth, you may be wondering: Do you need to see Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters to understand this movie? The answer is mostly no, but a little yes? Very minor spoilers to follow, but nothing to spoil the movie, I promise.

Godzilla vs. Kong features only two characters from previous movies, Kyle chandler like scientist Mark Russell and Millie Bobby Brown like his daughter, Madison Russell. Their presence definitely serves as a connecting fabric between King of monsters Y Godzilla vs. Kong, and Vera farmigaMonarch scientist-turned-eco-terrorist Emma Russell, who sacrificed herself in King of monsters, is mentioned everywhere. But what really happened to them in that movie has nothing to do with the plot of Godzilla vs. Kong. You really need to know that Madison is aggressively Team Zilla and everything else is covered in useful news coverage as exposure. If you are a completist who wants to know what the whole deal is with the Russell family, give King of monsters a whirlwind, but otherwise they basically act like new characters.

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The only other name you “need” to know when entering is “Skullcrawlers”, the term for the ferocious lizard-like beasts that fought Kong in Skull island“Because they appear briefly without explanation.” But also, Skullcrawlers are big nasty monsters, so it’s not like you’re confused about their motivation. Kong: Skull Island also leaves a line on how Kong is still growing, which explains why he is so big in Godzilla vs. Kong, if that bothers you at all.


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But actually, as our own Matt Goldberg mentioned in his review, Godzilla vs Kong is almost uniquely focused on making the two monsters of the title face off as often and in epic ways as possible. If you came to this movie looking for Big Boy Fights, Godzilla vs. Kong keeps that promise and something else. What’s more, you don’t waste your runtime setting them up in a great and complicated way; Godzilla is the Alpha Titan, Kong could possibly also be the Alpha Titan, and that makes Godzilla very, very angry.

That is also why I initially said “a little yes” at the top. The plot and characterization of Godzilla vs. Kong It’s paper-thin by design, so going in with a bit of history gives it extra weight. Not just the history of Warner Bros. MonsterVerse, but King Kong and Godzilla’s nearly ninety decades as monster movie icons. Seeing two huge CG creatures bumping into each other is great, it’s an amazing show and you’ll have a blast. But understand why Godzilla is Godzilla and Kong is KONG adds a much needed weight to the whole thing.

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