The recent Baby Shark nursery rhyme phenomenon plays about The Suicide Squad’s King Shark committing acts of grotesque violence – hilarity ensues.

King Shark, the half-shark, half-man monster Suicide squad, features in a hilarious Baby shark music video with the children’s song playing over the trailer footage. Most often portrayed as the son of a human woman and a god of the Pacific, King Shark combines the cunning of man with the brute force of a shark and reluctantly joins the Suicide Squad with a bomb strapped to his waist. As such, he appears as a main player in James Gunn’s reboot of the 2016 film that fans and critics alike found median at best.

Baby shark is the name of an animated music video that one must have been living under a rock to hear now. For some, the nautical tune from Korean educational entertainment company Pinkfong is a cute toy, though parents whose kids have access to YouTube may not characterize it so casually. Children around the world are familiar with the chorus featuring various members of the shark family followed by a series of “do-do-do.“As bland as it may sound, Baby Shark is the most viewed YouTube video of all time, with over 8.21 billion views, more than the population of Earth. With those kinds of numbers, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon and, in fact, Nickelodeon is airing a preschool show of the same name.

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Writer / director Gunn shared a video linking the two sharks. A small section of the song plays over images of the King Shark biting into parts of a human being, tearing a soldier in half, and shoving a victim head-on into its gaping jaws. The video is watermarked. @dceuflix and it’s evidently a new post from the smallest Twitter user’s fan edition. Check out the insanity below:

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Of course, there is something undeniably unsettling about the juxtaposition of something so innocent and something so depraved, it only gets funnier by the fact that Gunn himself shared it. As a frequent DC element in various incarnations, there may be a version of King Shark shaking his head in time with the song. In a change of pace, King Shark of the Harley quinn Animated series on HBO Max is a mild-mannered computer whiz who resents the assumption that he is some kind of monster. Fans weren’t sure where exactly Gunn’s King Shark would fall, but as action star Sylvester Stallone puts it, it looks like this King Shark will be a source of mayhem rather than a single-line machine.

If anyone knows how to get comedy out of the first, that’s Gunn. King Shark fans probably wouldn’t mind seeing him as a deranged machine, but the nuances never go unnoticed. Groot, a man of four words, rose to stardom under Gunn’s direction and beloved actor Dave Bautista, turned wrestler, wowed audiences with his sincere awkwardness as Drax the Destroyer. Gunn has thought a lot about the correct way to play King Shark, and Suicide squad it may turn out to be her most iconic look yet.

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Source: James Gunn/dceuflix via Twitter

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