The exclusion of various Mario games on March 31 has left many saying that this is the day Mario dies.


Nintendo is taking Super Mario 3D All-Stars out of their online store today, along with many other goodies from Nintendo. All the special products released by Nintendo last year to celebrate the Super Mario Bros.The 35th anniversary will definitely disappear from today, which means this is your last chance to get these titles.

The main game that will disappear from Nintendo’s online store starting today is Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a special collection for Nintendo Switch with remasters of Super mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super mario galaxy. There is still a chance to get a physical copy of the game as of today if stocks are still available in stores, but since this was a limited edition collection, the sooner you get your copy the better. The same goes for the Game and watch: Super Mario Bros., a limited edition Game & Watch game featuring the original Super Mario Bros. Y Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels.

Super Mario Bros. 35, a free game that allowed 35 players subscribed to Nintendo Online to compete at the levels of the original game, is also being retired. Nintendo is discontinuing Super Mario Bros. 35 service starting today, and even players who had already downloaded the game will no longer be able to play it. Super Mario Bros. 35 It will live only in our memories from now on. Nintendo is also shutting down online services for the original. Super mario maker, making this a sad day for Super Mario fans.


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But it’s not just Mario games that go offline today, as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the sword of light It will also be released today from Nintendo’s online store. The game celebrates the 30th anniversary of Fire emblem and marks the first location and launch of the game in North America.

Nintendo justified the discontinuity of services as a way of doing Super Mario Bros.Most special 35th Anniversary. While this makes sense for limited editions and collectibles, fans aren’t too happy with this decision which also includes long-awaited remakes of classic games.

There is still hope that each of the remakes will be available on the Nintendo Store at a later date, and will be charged individually. There could also be special events in the future to include as well Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the list of Super Mario games available on Switch. However, for now, all we know for sure is that time is ticking, and this could be the last chance in a long time to play many of the great Mario games.

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