As Katana looks back on the forgotten side of the DC Universe’s history, she exposes Deathstroke for the irredeemable scum that he really is.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The other story of the DC universe # 3, by John Ridley, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Andrea Cucchi, Jose Villarrubia and Steve Wands, out now.

One of the most celebrated Teen Titans stories of all time is “The Judas Contract” by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, which ran in the pages of 1984. Tales of Teen Titans # 42-44 and Tales of the Teen Titans Annual # 3. The classic story had the young superhero team shaken to the core by a betrayal committed by one of their own, leading to the ultimate showdown against their nemesis Deathstroke the Terminator.

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And while Slade Wilson would go beyond the events of history to become something of a fan-favorite antihero and poster child for the badass, mindless killer type at the helm of the DC Universe, The other story of the DC universe Number 3 exposes how vile and hopelessly troublesome Slade is.

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Terra Another DC story

In the run-up to “The Judas Contract”, Deathstroke was hired by the terrorist organization HIVE to take down the Teen Titans and had been antagonizing the team for some time. As the Titans withstood these attacks and embarked on their own personal lives and superhero careers separate from the older mentors who once took them as cronies, the team welcomed a teenage hero named Terra into their ranks. Hailing from the European nation of Markovia, Tara Markov had the ability to manipulate the Earth itself, leading to her nickname as a superhero. While seemingly getting close to Beast Boy, it was revealed that Terra was in what appeared to be a sexual relationship with Deathstroke and betrayed the team before being killed in a maddened rampage when she believed Slade was turning against her.

The other story of the DC universe Issue 3 is told from Katana’s perspective and rephrases and expands on the events of “The Judas Contract”, as Katana was a teammate on the Outsiders with Tara’s older brother, Brion Markov. Katana notes that while Slade did not use physical force, per say, he is an abuser who repeatedly groomed, trafficked, and preyed on a girl with clear mental health issues, dehumanizing her by incorporating Terra into his long-standing revenge against the Titans. . And the irreparable damage to Terra persisted, even after she tragically died in the culmination of Slade’s insidious manipulations.

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Deathstroke Another DC Story

Katana points out, as does the real-world perception of the story and the characters in the years since its initial publication, that it was Terra and not Deathstroke who was labeled as the main antagonist of “The Judas Contract.” While the Titans gave Tara a statue in memory of her death at their headquarters, many fans have labeled her a mentally unhinged traitor and not a Deathstroke victim as she really is and as the creative team intended. Since then, Deathstroke has been somewhat exalted; Slade has been described more as a “cool” aspirational figure who falls on the wrong side of the law than an outright villain.

While later recounts and revisions of “The Judas Contract” and its events have downplayed or removed the sexual element of Deathstroke’s manipulation, the implication remains in the original text.

In the comic, Katana doesn’t beat around the bush as she reminds readers exactly how manipulative Deathstroke can be and that he shouldn’t be admired at all as a portrayal of machismo in the DCU. With this claim casting decades of later comics in a different light, he should be considered an abuser and one of the most obnoxious figures in the world. Katana also notes that since that fateful story, Brion has had to live with the public perception that her late sister’s death was not a tragedy, but a well-deserved reward for betraying the Titans with the man who manipulated her all along. . “The Judas Contract” is a tragedy first and foremost, and a window into how evil Slade Wilson is, and The other story of the DC universe is a strong reminder of this.

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