The vampire subgenre has been around for quite some time, the 1920s to be exact, and hundreds of movies have been released since then. Each director has released their own version and story of the bloodsuckers, and since then many classics have left their mark. Each decade brings new stories about the origin of Dracula and who his reign of terror is headed towards. No matter how long ago a horror movie was made, they are still just as terrifying today..

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That being said, streaming channels have caught on to the fact that horror fans enjoy watching and rewatching movies with the classic vampires in them, and lately Amazon Prime Video has some classics and other newer vampire movies out there. must see. .

10 Therapy for a vampire

Scene in the therapist's office with vampire lying on the couch.

Therapy for a vampire is a horror comedy that centers on Graf Geza von Közsnöm (Tobias Moretti) in 1932 Vienna. Közsnöm turns to Dr. Sigmund Freud (Karl Fischer) to share a secret that is bothering him. He is haunted by a lover and is tired of his eternal married life.

Oblivious to the fact that Közsnöm is a vampire, Freud recommends that he visit a painter named Viktor (Dominic Oley). While meeting Viktor, Közsnöm also has sympathy for his wife, Lucy (Cornelia Ivancan), which is a much bigger problem.

9 Rufus: 6.3

Rufus looking at a book while sitting at a desk in the movie Rufus

Rufus is a Canadian horror film directed by Dave Schultz and starring Rory Saper. Saper plays Rufus, a shy young man who arrives in a Saskatchewan town and is revealed to be a vampire.

Rufus is taken in by the town sheriff and his wife so he can find out more about him and the old woman he came with. As a vampire hunter also appears, things get a bit difficult in this small town. Rufus it’s a unique approach when it comes to a vampire movie, and it’s much more drama than gorefest.

8 Playing land: 6.5

Mister, Martin & Barn standing next to a red car and posing for the camera in Stakeland

Game land focuses on a time when the country has collapsed and is in a state of economic and political disaster. With him, he has seized an epidemic and is looking for blood.

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A teenager named Martin (Connor Paolo) is among the survivors of the unaffected population and joins Mister (Nick Damici), a tough-as-nails vampire hunter who is trying to bring Martin to Canada, where security was supposed to be found. This horror movie has a good acting, a good story, and a good pacing to keep viewers staring and intrigued.

7 Twins of Evil: 6.6

Maria and Frieda standing side by side in Twins of Evil

Evil twins came out in 1972 and is directed by John Hough. The movie is pretty progressive for its time for its erotic content, but it’s also a creepy vampire movie nonetheless. Set in central Europe in the 19th century, two teenage twins named Maria (Mary Collinson) and Frieda Gellhorn (Madeleine Collinson) are orphans sent to live with their uncle Gustav (Peter Cushing).

Gustav is in charge of a brotherhood to fight vampirism, and his real target is Count Karnstein (Damien Thomas), a vampire. One of the twins, Freida, is attracted to Karnstien, which complicates the entire operation. From start to finish, the film is a classic and has a spooky gothic tone that is perfectly represented in the cinema of the 1970s.

6 The House That Dripped Blood: 6.6

Charles talking to someone off-camera in The House That Dripped Blood

Anthology movies have become extremely popular, and at the rate horror movies come out today, some deserve their own spin-offs. When it comes to the 1971 British film, The house that dripped blood, the anthology theme is the perfect focus for a film made up of four stories that are full of mystery, suspense, and creatures of the night.

The stories center on a novelist who becomes mentally ill, a man obsessed with a wax figure, a girl and witchcraft, and lastly, the best part, a selfish actor who gets his hands on a cloak with vampire powers.

5 Devils Night: 6.6

Nicola and Sdenka in a scene together looking worried in Night of the Devils

The 1970s was a prime time for great vampire movies and Devils night is definitely one of them. Loosely based on Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy’s novel, The Vourdalak family, focuses on the patriarch of a wealthy family who is worried that he will one day turn into his vampire form.

The man knows that one day he will return to his family to ask him to pass, and as long as they don’t say yes, he can protect them from himself.

4 The Monster Squad: 7.1

Count Dracula, Frank's Monster and other monsters looking at something in the forest in Monster Squad

Count Dracula (Duncan Regehr) believes he should take over the world, and to do so, he needs other legendary monsters to be on his side. This includes a mummy, a werewolf, and a creature from a pond. While the plan seems perfect, several outcast children discovered Dracula’s plan and are hell-bent on ending it while there is still time.

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The monster squad it’s a fun little movie, and the creatures alone will bring nostalgia for the classics. Aside from this, the otherwise dark and devious vampire plot twist is a breath of fresh air. The monster squad It’s a great family movie to watch during Halloween, but actually, it can be enjoyed at any time.

3 Nosferatu the vampire: 7.5

Nosferatu frowning and looking at something off camera in Nosferatu 2

Nosferatu the vampire is a new stylistic version of Nosferatu and it’s about a man named Jonathan Harker (Bruno Ganz), who is tasked with visiting Count Dracula’s (Klaus Kinski) castle because he’s interested in buying a house in Wismar, Germany. Dracula is extremely dangerous and although the locals encourage Harker to stay away, he does not listen.

Dracula agrees to buy the house after seeing a photo of Harker’s wife Lucy (Isabelle Adjani), and with that, he brings a plague of death and destruction to Wismar. However, in the end he gets his fair share, and Dr. Van Helsing (Walter Ladengast) shows up to (sort of) save the day – what more could a horror movie fan want?

two Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse: 7.7

Barnabas standing next to a picture and looking at something off-screen in Dark Shadows The Vampire Curse

Although the actual content was not filmed in 2009, the gothic television classic Dark Shadows: Curse of the Vampire it was compiled into a movie of the best episodes. The story centers on the love triangle between Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), his current love, and an angry lover who turns out to be a witch. Turn Collins into a creature of the night to live forever.

Because this show was incredibly popular during the 1960s and 1970s, it seems obvious that it would be made into a movie. Also, Barnabas is a cultural icon and was later portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2012 film, Dark shadows. Want to see where one of the best vampire icons came from? See the 2009 version of Dark Shadows: Curse of the Vampire.

one Nosferatu: 7.9

Nosferatu the vampire on a ship in Nosferatu

NosferatuIt is without a doubt one of the best vampire movies ever. Released in 1922, it is the first documented vampire film and is also a silent film. I like Nosferatu the vampire, the story is basically the same, but better. Based on the novel, Dracula, focuses on the haunting Graf Orlok, who is a vampire and who agrees to buy a house from a real estate agent named Thomas Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim). Upon meeting Hutter’s wife, Ellen (Greta Schröder), he instantly falls in love with her.

Hutter experiences strange premonitions and nightmares while imprisoned in Orlok Castle, while Orlok plans to play house with Ellen. Even though Nosferatu It doesn’t have an ounce of blood in the movie, it’s still an amazing movie that’s haunting yet intriguing to watch.

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