Naomi’s origin is a reflection of Superman’s but, unlike Krypton, her broken home world is a potential threat to the Earth of this reality.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League # 59

A mysterious new threat brings conflict and a twisted version of Supermanthe origins of League of Justice straight from the homeworld of Naomi. Krypton is not the only world that sends a child to Earth to escape from a dying planet.

When an unknown enemy attacks Black Adam in Justice League # 59 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Márquez and Tamra Bonvillain, the League intervenes quickly, hoping to mitigate any further destruction. The figure only identifies himself as Brutus and is clearly interested and enchanted by the unknown world he has just fallen into. Despite Superman’s diplomatic approach, he continues to attack the Justice League. However, he admits that he is unprepared for such a response, after being attacked by Superman, Hawkgirl, and facing the insane threat of Aquaman’s shark wall. Brutus vanishes into a portal to another dimension, confidently promising to return more equipped to face the firepower with which the League repelled him. Neither the Justice League nor Black Adam know much about their attacker and they split up after the attack to find out what they can.

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In the Hall of Justice, the League learns that the unique energy signature that Brutus issued has a match, Naomi McDuffie, a powerful young heroine with an origin familiar to that of Superman. Naomi is from Earth from an alternate reality where damage to the environment led to 29 individuals being altered and gifted with extraordinary abilities. However, the conflict between them, led mainly by Zumbado, devastated their world. She recently discovered all of this after her adoptive parents helped her learn that her biological parents, the only two of 29 who had a child, sent her to Earth-0 to escape war and the destruction of her planet. That’s the same reasoning that made Jor-El and Lara send Kal-El to Earth to survive the end of Krypton. However, the arrival of Brutus is only the latest evidence that Naomi’s homeworld may be a version of Krypton that still poses a dangerous threat to Earth.

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The knowledge of her birthright unlocked Naomi’s own powers and, unfortunately, also lured Zumbado directly to her location. He declared that this new Earth would be his, and although Zumbado was far more experienced in wielding the abilities he possessed, Naomi’s awesome power was enough to send him back to his own world. Realizing the danger her foster world may face, Naomi intelligently sought Superman’s help in Action Comics # 1015. While listening to her story and helping her deal with her new abilities, Superman acknowledges that they are soul mates, considering that they are both adopted and had parents who made similar sacrifices for their survival. Superman and Batman receive Naomi’s warning about Buzzed, and if Brutus is indeed another dangerous opponent from their failed Earth, it seems the Justice League is about to find out just how serious that warning was.

Whatever the danger to the Earth and the League of Justice Heads, they’re wise to expand their ranks, and Naomi certainly won’t be left out. Bendis has stated, “With Naomi came a whole new Earth … Naomi feels a great responsibility towards that.“If anyone can help her understand and process that responsibility, it is Superman. Because while somehow Naomi The origin is a dark reflection of him, the inspiring parts are the same. They are both gifted individuals, sent to new worlds by loving parents who only wanted the best for their child.

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