If the super teams of Jupiter’s Legacy and The Boys were to meet in a superhero fight, the former would surely come out on top.

The closer the Netflix adaptation of Jupiter’s legacy it gets, the more it compares to other superhero TV shows, and few series have rocked the game like Amazon Boys. Both series are based on comics that provide a cynical look at superheroes who suffer from the vanities and egos of real people and how their actions affect the society around them. When you imagine the heroes of both worlds facing off against each other, at first it seems like an even coincidence that any fan would give their left arm to see.

But there is an overwhelming advantage that the Union of Jupiter’s legacy I have that BoysSeven don’t: their minds.

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The boys and the union have comparable powers

As is customary in many versions of the superhero tale, both the comic stories and their television adaptations portray their own riffs on Superman’s power set. Super strength, invulnerability, flight, and heat vision come almost as a standard matrix for many of these heroes. The super teams of the Seven Boys and the Union of Jupiter’s legacy they are no exception. They are perhaps best embodied in Homelander and the Utopian, two of the strongest heroes in each respective universe.

These are considerable powers in a fight because they simultaneously create overwhelming offense. and defending. Part of what it does Boys‘Homelander is so threatening that no weapon on Earth other than a major nuclear strike is said to be able to stop him, and the same is true when the Utopian falls into Jupiter’s legacy it’s only after an army of superhumans swarms it all at once. But there are some abilities that can overlook these physical talents entirely, and many of the heroes of Jupiter’s legacy own them.

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The advantages of telekinesis and telepathy

Telekinesis and telepathy are the ultimate tricks when it comes to pitting superheroes in fights with each other, precisely because of how they undermine the usual power scale of sheer strength and durability. By making the powers of the mind central in a duel, characters like Raikou completely negate the abilities of almost anyone they fight because they lock them in a mental prison that makes their body, no matter how superhuman, be. completely useless.

The Seven have almost no telepathic or telekinetic options available to them, and the television adaptation does not particularly delve into the abilities of those characters who possess them. Characters like Mesmer are just low-level telepaths with no offensive capabilities, and Congresswoman Neuman and other unique telekinetics barely display the full strength of their talents. Characters in Jupiter’s legacy lift entire cargo ships with his telekinetic talents, and the founding member of the Union, Brainwave, has such a powerful mind that he could do it alone with the Seven, including Homelander.

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Homelander vs. Brainwave

While facing Homelander and the Utopian may seem more thematic, Brainwave’s confrontation with the most powerful “supe” in Boys shows how uninteresting a fight between the two would be. As strong and fast as Homelander is, there is simply no substitute for a one-shot attack from Brainwave. Locking Homelander in a mental resource, completely paralyzed as his body receives endless punishment, shows that there is no doubt that Brainwave would prevail in a showdown between the two.

The success of the respective series on competing streaming services could make for an interesting battle in the real world. But in the realm of fiction, the telepaths of Jupiter’s legacy win without hesitation.

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