Many anime series follow a particular trope: the idea of ​​a magical high school. Sometimes this is taken literally, making it the anime version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Other times, the definition is stretched a bit to describe any high school that is distinctly different from real-life normal schools. This helps offer some variety, but are these schools safe?

Staff members and the principal of these schools will do their best to ensure the safety of their students, but sometimes they become careless and students can get hurt by their runaway magic. Monsters and villains may be prone to attacking the school, or danger is actually the point of the story. These six magical schools of anime stand out as being especially risky for their students.

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UA, the best heroic school in Japan (My Hero Academia)

Any heroic school will be inherently dangerous, as being a superhero is a physically demanding job that includes constant danger when fighting villains or rescuing people from natural (or unnatural) disasters. So in My hero academia, UA school students are challenged with many live-fire exercises, such as fighting each other with their Quirks or even taking on their own teachers in mock battle.

To his credit, Director Nezu takes safety and security very seriously, but accidents are always a possibility, especially with Izuku Midoriya and his overuse of One For All. Not to mention other powerful and dangerous Quirks, ranging from Katsuki Bakugo’s Explosion ability to Shoto Todoroki’s Fire and Ice Quirk. On top of that, there is always the threat of the League of Villains attacking UA to take down the next generation of heroes before they can begin their careers. Tomura Shigaraki won’t wait until Izuku graduates to fight him; it’s time to fight now, school or no school.

Luna Nova, where witches cast spells in every way (Little Witch Academia)

Little witch academy

The Luna Nova school for witches is not much different from the UA school for heroes. In fact, Little witch academy has a number of interesting parallels with My hero academiaFrom his name to having a powerless protagonist who was inspired by his famous idol to enroll in a magic school. Akko is a non-magical girl who is determined to become a wonderful witch like Shining Chariot, but in this school, a lost spell can be a problem.

Even the most skilled students can lose control of their magic and accidentally hit someone with a fireball, a shrink spell, or worse. If Hogwarts is any indicator, even the best students can suffer when a spell explodes in their face, not to mention explosive potions that were improperly brewed or dangerous magical pets or family members. Then there is the matter of bullies and pranksters who deliberately abuse their magic with other students.

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Mahora Academy, which hides secrets and monsters (Mahou Sensei Negima!)


In 38 volumes, Mahou Sensei Negima!The manga is much longer than the anime adaptation. Either way, however, fans will soon realize that Mahora Academy isn’t all that quaint and harmless. At first, this sprawling campus seems like a dream come true: a well-funded and lavishly decorated school system that spans elementary school through high school. But as the new (and young) teacher Negi Springfield discovers for himself, this place hides some monsters.

One student in particular, Evangeline McDowell, is an ancient and powerful vampire who is more than happy to feed off the other students and attack anyone who gets in her way. In fact, she is magically bound by this school, unable to leave even if she wants to, which means that she has been treating the place as her hunting ground for years. Another student, Chao Lingshen, launches a plan to rewrite the future and cause the entire campus to fall into chaos, and Negi and her most trusted classmates fight her in a grand battle across the entire Mahora campus. And let’s not forget the no-holds-barred martial arts tournament at the school festival either, where punches, kicks, and smashing magic are the norm.

Hyakkaou Private Academy, where play reigns supreme (Kakegurui)

yumeko with money kakegurui

The magic school of Kakegurui It’s not literally a place of magic and wizards, but it fits the trend of being specialized and unusual nonetheless. Here at Hyakkaou Private Academy, the sons and daughters of society’s wealthy elite learn to gamble on high-stakes games for real money. This is to teach them risk assessment, odds calculation, strategy, and how to be brave enough to take big risks in life.

Nobody is in much physical danger here, but the downsides of a gambling school are serious. Gambling addiction is a real and substantial problem that can affect an addict’s life as seriously as a drug or alcohol problem, alienation from friends and family, financial ruin, loss of a job, and much more. All Hyakkaou students are at serious risk of developing harmful addictions to gambling. What’s more, they experience serious psychological and self-esteem problems due to the school’s relentless “pet” system, where indebted students are humiliated and degraded by all their peers. Only the heroine, the game superstar Yumeko Jabami, seems immune to all this. But she’s in a league of her own.

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Ninja Academy, where children play with weapons (Naruto)

Ninja Academy

NarutoThe magic school is not as dangerous as the others, but there are still inherent risks. In Hidden Leaf Village, boys and girls can enroll in the Ninja Academy, where they learn how to become real ninjas. Masters like Iruka Umino, and later Shino Aburame, are tasked with piercing basic jutsu techniques and weapons into the minds of students.

There seems to be adequate supervision here, but anyway, this is a place where eight-year-olds are given throwing stars and kunai knives to repeatedly throw at targets or perform basic offensive or defensive jutsu. There must be countless incidents where students are accidentally cut or stabbed with these weapons, and bullying here could have dire consequences. Imagine a squad of knife-wielding thugs provided by the school itself, cornering a hapless victim in an empty bathroom or on the edge of campus. Not well.

Demon King Academy, a relentless institute for high-level magic (The Misfit Of Demon King Academy)

The Demon King’s Misfit Academy features a more traditional magic school, where humanoid demons are enrolled to learn powerful magic and see who is qualified to become the next demon king. The previous king, Anos Voldigoad, set a high standard, so teachers will do anything to get these students in shape and unleash their potential. And these are demons: brutality and “straightening power” are the norm here.

These demonic teens are not only casting powerful spells everywhere in live fire exercises, but there is also the issue of discrimination. Thoroughbred students wear red and black uniforms and are highly regarded, while mestizos wear blue and white uniforms, opening them up to harassment and class antagonism. And the teachers will do nothing to stop it. This prompts some mixed race students to form a union dedicated to reconciling with the thoroughbreds, but they have a long and difficult road ahead, and they are all mature targets of bullying.

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