Even though American father! was initially conceived as a bland political satire on CIA agent Stan Smith’s staunchly conservative political views clashing with his daughter Hayley’s liberal ideologies, the show’s clear character is Roger, the alien from Area 51 hiding in the Smith’s attic.

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In the early seasons, Roger was just a sentient soul who sat in the house, but since then he has become a reprehensible sociopath who can leave the house and enter any social situation by perfectly embodying one of his various guises. Naturally, Roger is responsible for some of the funniest lines on the show.

9 “It’s 67 degrees outside and I hate you.”

Klaus and Roger sleep together

Klaus original role in American father! yearned for Francine, but after Family manBrian, the MacFarlane-verse didn’t need another family pet in love with the mother. So the fish has since become the show’s spanking pole as Meg.

In one particularly brutal scene, Roger tells the fish: “You can’t participate, Klaus. I hate you. I say that, not out of anger, but simply as a fact. It’s 67 degrees outside and I hate you. “

8 “She’s going to get the best bottle of wine of her stupid fucking life.”

Roger drinking wine in American Dad

When Francine gets a couple of steaks, she invites Roger to share them with her. He tells her not to cook the steaks until he can find the perfect bottle of wine to go with them, which he ends up robbing Greg and Terry.

After being tasked with selecting a wine for dinner, Roger says, “Oh bitch, you didn’t. Stupid, stupid bitch don’t even know. She’s going to get the best bottle of wine of her stupid bitch life. ”Francine ends up grabbing the wine in plain sight when Roger’s elaborate plan fails, then Roger eliminates Francine so she can eat the two steaks, which was apparently his. plan from the beginning.

7 “Fuck you, I’m Kevin Bacon!”

Roger as Kevin Bacon in American Dad

In one of Roger’s most memorable stories, he is insulted by his missing nose and orders a prosthetic nose from Kevin Bacon online. When mistaken for Bacon himself, he immediately begins to milk his newfound fame for free stuff.

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When Steve calls him at a restaurant, Roger says drunk, “Oh, excuse me, are you an ethicist? Are you? Is there an ethicist in the house? Another restaurant customer says, “I’m an ethicist,” and Roger responds, “Well fuck you, I’m Kevin Bacon!”

6 “Well, it started like that, and then in the middle, middle, middle, and then I sold it to a drug dealer.”

Roger and Stan in the American Dad episode 'School Lies'

When Stan wants to chat with a local senator to get a more comfortable position at the CIA, he gets Roger to pose as one of the senator’s daughter’s classmates and befriend her. She and Roger have a shared interest: “cocaine and stuff.”

After a long drunk, Roger ends up selling the girl to a drug dealer to pay off his debts. He tells the story to Stan too casually: “Well, it started like this, and then half, half, half, and then I sold it to a drug dealer. The end.”


Roger and Steve in Jeff's truck in American Dad

Steve and Hayley start a successful fake ID business while Stan cluelessly chases them in “Faking Bad.” His closest rival in the fake ID game is Kevin Ramage, one of Roger’s characters.

When Stan’s investigation leads him directly to Steve and Roger, Roger gets into Jeff’s truck and smashes him into the wall. Yell, “KEVIIIN RAMAAAGE !!!” This moment is so unexpected, and what appears to be Kevin’s first triumphant act of heroism turns out to be wildly anticlimactic as he drives the truck straight into the ocean.

4 “Are you really asking that of the guy who last week killed six people for over $ 19?”

Roger with his limousine

One of Roger’s many dream jobs is a limousine driver. So, he buys a limo and picks up a group of frat boys to drive around town. After wrecking the car, they leave without paying Roger’s $ 20 driver fee. He quickly speeds up to one of the frat boys and runs him over with the limo.

Klaus says, “Dude, you killed him!” Roger says, “One less, four left.” Klaus asks, “Are you really going to kill five people for more than $ 20?” to which Roger replies invaluable: “Are you really asking that of the guy who last week killed six people for over $ 19?”

3 “I don’t remember doing Ether. But again, that’s the signature move for Ether. “

Roger holding a shrunken Stan in American Dad

After a near death experience in the episode “The Shrink”, Stan becomes so terrified by the unpredictability of real life that he creates his own miniature world and shrinks to live there.

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When Roger finds Stan cowering, he says, “A Stan the size of an insect? And yet I don’t remember making ether. But then again, that’s ether’s signature move. “At the end of the episode, when Roger finally realizes that the Smiths are all cowering in the miniature city, he eats them instead of saving them.

two “So, have you heard anything? Is Chaz going to be okay? “

American Dad - Cops and Roger

After cowering during a heist, Roger joins the police academy in “Cops & Roger.” He passes with great success and becomes a policeman. But within a couple of hours in the force, it already became corrupt. He works with a dirty cop named Chaz, played by guest star Bobby Cannavale.

When Chaz threatens to kill Stan and Roger, Roger falls on him from above, elbow first, destroying his entire head in a gruesome fashion. Later, Roger asks Stan, “So, have you heard anything? Is Chaz going to be okay? An incredulous Stan simply says, “No.”

one “Francine, I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

While Stan is fighting a curse in “Old Stan in the Mountain” plot A, Roger and Francine’s unforgettable plot B steals the show. They lead to a dance contest, which turns out to be a funeral, which turns out to be setting the stage for a grave robbery.

Every time Roger reveals his true intentions (or so it seems) to his fellow traveler, he says, “Francine, I haven’t been entirely honest with you.” This line gets funnier every time you say it. Just when it seems like he’s finally told Francine everything, he reveals something else.

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