Following comments from show creator / producer Neil Gaiman about the cancellation of American Gods, the show’s producer Fremantle shared her thoughts.

March 29 American gods announced that he will not return for a fourth season.

Shortly after its cancellation, Neil Gaiman, who wrote the novel that inspired the series and also served as an executive producer on the television series Starz, took to Twitter to confirm that the show is not “dead yet.” Now, the show’s producer contributed her thoughts, stating, “Fremantle is committed to completing the epic journey that is American Gods, one of the most inclusive television series with the most incredible fans from around the world,” to Deadline.

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The production company added: “With Neil Gaiman and this fantastic cast and crew, we are exploring all options to continue telling this magnificent story.”

When Gaiman first responded to the news that American gods would not get a fourth season on Starz, said: “He is definitely not dead. I am grateful to the @Starz team for the American gods trip so far. Fremantle (who make AG) are committed to finishing the story that began in episode 1, and right now we’re waiting to see what the best way forward is. “

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Gaiman’s comments confirmed what Starz shared after news broke that American gods it would be canceled after its third season. When American gods‘cancellation was announced, the network suggested it was in talks with Fremantle about how to better finish American gods. Though not confirmed, Starz is open to a televised movie event or series event to wrap up. American gods‘history.

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During its three seasons, American gods had four different showrunners, and the creatives dropped out of the series due to differing views on the story, budget issues for the scope of the story, and tensions between Fremantle and Gaiman.

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American gods Season 3 premiered on Starz in January 2021, focusing on the Shadow Moon movie to Lakeside to avoid Mr. Wednesday and the ongoing battle between the old gods of legend and the new gods of modern society. In January 2021, Gaiman, who also served as executive producer on the supernatural series, shared his excitement for the final season, saying, “This season really feels like it. It’s full of drama and excitement, the very real. and completely bizarre, and it features some of the best performances the show has ever seen. “

Based on the Neil gaiman novel of the same name, American gods stars Ricky whittleEmily Browning Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki, Ian McShane, Omid Abtahi and Ashley Reyes. All three seasons are available to stream on Starz.

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Source: Deadline

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