THEn of the best Apple TV + original series to date is Server. It’s warped, twisted, and leaves fans curious as to what’s really going on after each episode and season. So much so, in fact, that as fans prepare for the already confirmed third season, crazy Reddit theories abound about how it will end and what secrets will be revealed.

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Each character is actually a bit annoying in their own way, although some are more likeable than others. Meanwhile, others are not pleasant at all. It all depends on which side the viewer is on and what they really believe. However, each character has good and bad traits.

10 Aunt Josephine

Aunt Josephine sitting with a black hat and a veil over her eyes.

She isn’t necessarily a main character, she only appears for a brief period in a handful of episodes. Still, Aunt Josephine played a pivotal role in the season two finale. And while she believed she was doing a good job and saving lost souls or troubled people as part of her cult, it is clear that she was also violent and disturbed.

Not only was she prepared to murder Leanne in an effort to save her, but she even stabbed herself multiple times in the leg with such force that it is a wonder she could walk, much less was still alive. She was by far the most deplorable character in the series.

9 Uncle Jorge

Uncle George standing with Sean, holding his hand.

There is little to Uncle George to please, other than the fact that he seemed to mean well, even if his methods didn’t make much sense and his actions were oppressive. He was holding Leanne captive against her will, which instantly makes him unpleasant.

But then his strange habits, including poor hygiene, animal behavior, and strange quirks, were more disturbing than endearing.

8 Frank Pearce

The Turner family and Pearce gathered at the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fans don’t see much of Frank’s mother Dorothy and Julian, but it’s instantly obvious that he’s at the root of much of Julian’s insecurities and his desire to drink too much and do drugs. Frank seems to favor Dorothy as his favorite daughter, fawning over her at all times. This also explains why she was on her side with Sean to protect Dorothy from the truth about Jericho.

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He seems tense and critical and like he’s the kind of parent kids could never be themselves with. The silly girlfriend who was half his age also painted him as a womanizer who thought highly of himself and flaunted his money.

7 Dorothy Turner

Dorothy standing by the Christmas tree, clipping it

Regardless of how weird and delusional she may be, there is a part of Dorothy that is hard not to relate to. Any parent knows how strong a bond is with a child and anyone who has ever lost someone close can empathize with the grieving process.

She is in obvious pain, and therefore her every action, no matter how frantic or ridiculous, makes sense in her mind. And thus, fans can’t help but encourage her to win in the end and hope that there is a trademark “Shyamalan twist” that explains her strange behavior.

6 Julian Pearce

Servant Rupert Grint

Despite the fact that he appears arrogant, rude and unrefined, despite the tuxedos and penchant for expensive wine (rarely seen without a glass), there is something endearing about Julian. Even with the way she acts, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for her little sister.

However, is it due to the guilt he feels for abandoning her when she needed him when Sean was away during the week Jericho died? That is not clear. However, despite being a troubled soul, things always seem to get interesting when Julian walks into the room.

5 Sean Turner

Sean is, in a way, like the common man, the most relatable character on the show. He just seems like a passionate professional chef with a successful career and a wife who longs for a family and something like normalcy in his life.

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But he’s layered and sometimes he does weird things that make viewers wonder if he’s as damaged as Dorothy, but he does a better job of hiding it.

4 Roscoe

Roscoe sitting outside with Dorothy watching her while she has her hand on her head.

Roscoe was a contract worker, so he only helped because it was a job and he got paid. But it was hard not to feel bad for him when he got caught up in the situation, seemingly kidnapped and brainwashed by the cult.

He seemed like a genuine person with a family that was just honestly trying to earn a living. It was hard not to like him, since everything he did that could be considered wrong, like helping keep the Turners out of the house so George could do what he had to do inside, was seemingly out of his reach.

3 Natalie Gorman

Natalie and Julian from Servant sat at the table with Dorothy at the head of the table, her face covered by a balloon in the middle.

Natalie was a reassuring force on the series, someone who not only helped keep Julian grounded and off drugs, but also tried to help Sean and primarily Dorothy get over their pain.

She was sweet, kind, and fully aware of the deception, constantly trying to convince Julian and Sean that they had to do the right thing with Dorothy and help her cry properly. She apparently disappeared in the end, although it is unclear if Julian cut ties with her or if he left because he could no longer deal with the stress. It is possible that his character is part of a typical “Shyamalan twist”, which has been evident in all his films dating back to the 80s.

two Leanne grayson

Interestingly, while Leanne is one of the series’ most controversial characters, not to mention the most mysterious, it’s hard not to like her. She seems to want to do the right thing, but she’s stuck in her cult-based beliefs and what she really thinks she should do. It is quite possible that he ranks there as one of Shyamalan’s best-written characters.

She is young, impressionable, lost, and damaged by her traumatizing upbringing. Despite everything Leanne has done wrong, she always steps up when they need her, like when she saved Julian’s life, trying to help Sean and Dorothy, and even, in the end, bringing “Jericho” back. . Deep down, all she really wanted was to be part of a royal family and find people who cared about her.

one Be be

Poor Tobe seems to keep getting caught up in the Turners’ messes. He’s just an employee, but inadvertently engages in family drama at every turn. It doesn’t help that he fell in love with Leanne.

Of all the characters, however, he is the most sympathetic and sensible, although he is also easy to manipulate. He just wants to work, keep his job, and be in Sean’s good disposition.

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