Serena P. has Mexico in mind, and with Bachelor in Paradise just around the corner, she shares her plan exclusively with Screen Rant.

Serena Pitt from Matt James Season The Bachelor has a strategy in mind in case it ends in Bachelor in Paradise. Fans are eagerly awaiting the beloved spinoff that they were unable to see last year due to COVID. There is speculation about who will pair up flying, and Serena is already thinking of a game plan where she will go to the beach in a few months. He shared it with Screen Rant in an exclusive interview.

Since her first one-on-one date with Matt was interrupted by a group of free-roaming donkeys, the trajectory of Serena and Matt’s relationship seemed to be heading toward a compromise. The couple shared many values ​​and an undeniable attraction, but after Serena introduced Matt to her family, doubts began to arise. Serena decided to end things with Matt and go home, and they have since closed their relationship. The popular Canadian may have been sent home, but many viewers want to see more of her.

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Now that she is single and a fan favorite, Serena should have an open invitation to Bachelor in Paradise. He has not confirmed whether he will be in Mexico this summer or not, but that has not stopped him from thinking about how he would approach it. “I would enter with a very open mind,“Serena said to Screen Rant In an interview. I think it’s easy to look at someone and think they’re really attractive, but I’m definitely someone who relies heavily on chemistry and interaction.

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Serena feels it is best to keep her options open when entering Paradise And don’t limit yourself to anyone too fast. “I wouldn’t want to rule out anyone coming in because I had my eyes on someone specific., “she added. One of the biggest draws of Bachelor in Paradise, according to Serena, is the possibility of meeting other people who have gone through The Bachelor experience. He also acknowledges that there is an opportunity to form all kinds of relationships in the spin-off. “There will be a lot of amazing boys to meet on the beach this summer, and then there will be a lot of great girls to potentially make friends with.,” she said.

It can be intimidating to hit the beach for the first time, with so many strong personalities from The Bachelor franchise, but Serena’s playful and fun personality is sure to stand out. “I just have a very cheerful and outgoing personality.”He commented. In a group of people, I am definitely outgoing; I am not necessarily the loudest in the room, but I am very sociable and I like to talk to people.“Serena loves meeting and meeting new people, so Bachelor in Paradise The environment would definitely play to its strengths.

Serena may not have found love in The BachelorBut she might have an excellent chance to love in Bachelor in Paradise. The network has expressed plans to film a season this summer, although the host of the spin-off has yet to be announced. There’s no question that Serena would be a hit on the beach with the men, women, and fans of the franchise. There is no official information on who will or will not be in Bachelor in Paradise, but Serena might want to stock up on her bathing suits, just in case.

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