Detective Comics presents the Gotham City version of Lois Lane as a potential new ally for Batman, though the pair don’t get along very well.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics # 1034

The last issue of Detective comics had given bat Man a potential new ally in the form of his own version of Lois laneBut the couple’s relationship has gotten off to a rocky start. Lois has made a name for herself as Metropolis’s top reporter and Superman’s closest ally. Now, Batman finds himself on the same side as his Gotham City analog.

Ever since Jim Gordon was removed from his post as Gotham Police Commissioner, he continued to be mind-controlled by Batman Who Laughs in Batman / Superman # 3Batman has lost his closest ally in law enforcement and one of the main sources of information. To make matters worse, Mayor Nakano’s strict anti-vigilante policy has only served to help the GCPD turn against Batman even more than before. In essence, the Dark Knight has a host of people on his side that he can count on right now.

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Detective Comics # 1034, written by Mariko Tamaki with art by Dan Mora, seeks to alleviate that problem with the introduction of a new character named Deb donovan. Aside from the obvious parallel alliteration to Lois Lane, Donovan also has a similarity in terms of his occupation as, by Batman’s metric, “the last decent reporter in gotham. “Although their first meeting on the page at a neighborhood party has an air of animosity (Donovan steals Bruce’s bottle of Scotch and Bruce’s internal narration says that he thinks she hates him), the comic seems to be establishing them as They both express their dislike for Nakano and the story’s conclusion sees them both responding to the same crime scene and talking to each other about what happened.

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Deb donovan

While Donovan appears to be playing a similar role to Gordon in terms of his possible alliance with Bruce, there is a major twist in the dynamic. While Gordon works with Batman, Donovan would work with Bruce Wayne instead. In fact, Donovan would not know at all that he was working with Batman, a problem that could become more serious in the future if he manages to discover his secret identity.

For now, Deb donovan could be a valuable ally for bat Man in a city that is currently trying to catch him. Hopefully, they can learn to get along with each other first. Readers can discover how Bruce’s burgeoning association with Gotham Lois lane will unfold when the next issue of Detective comics launches on April 27, 2021.

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