Wyatt Russell welcomes all the hate John Walker is receiving after being named the new Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter SoldierWyatt Russell is not bothered by the hatred of John Walker, he even accepts it. Marvel Studios debuted a new Captain America throughout the show, but unlike the reception to Steve Rogers, this new one is generating a lot of eyebrows from audiences.

Introduced at the end of The Falcon and the Winter SoldierAt the premiere, Walker was most prominent in the second episode of the show titled “The Star Spangled Man.” In the outing, most of the main characters in the series bond with Bucky and Sam reuniting after spending the premiere separate. While tracking down the mysterious new group known as Flag-Smashers, the pair surprisingly run into Walker and his partner, Battlestar, who joined the fight against Karli Morgenthau’s group. While the terrorists managed to escape successfully, Sam and Bucky eventually came face to face with the new Captain America, and they clearly don’t like him.

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Walker is Steve’s successor in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It may be a popular in-universe decision with the backing of the government and the public, but fans are more in the same boat as Sam and Bucky when it comes to the new character. While this may discourage or negatively affect Russell, it actually welcomes all the hatred, as he reveals in a new interview with Variety.

I don’t have social media, but some friends sent me some things that were too good not to see. The best is the “Up” type with the helmet on. Is incredible. I mean, whoever did that deserves an award of some kind. It’s flattering. They just hate the boy. They just hate it! It was fun being Marvel’s punching bag for a while.

Wyatt Russell as John Walker (featured)

After his brief appearance at the end of the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it became very clear that people are not buying this new Captain America. So it was interesting that episode 2 tried to humanize him by showing that he is a decorated man with a consummate military career; Marvel Studios also made sure to show his vulnerable side as he doubts himself in this new job. Unfortunately for him, viewers of the show are not on board yet. While he hasn’t done anything wrong so far, there have been some hints as to why Walker is not worthy of the title of Captain America.

However, the reason Russell is not offended by the hatred of Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it is because he understands that it is exactly the reaction that Marvel Studios wants for the character. As mentioned above, he hasn’t actually done anything nefarious and to be fair, he even repeatedly asked Sam and Bucky to work together. But, his intention is to subtly make viewers realize the key factor in Captain America and why Steve was so good at it. Hopefully, it will also highlight why Sam is the best candidate for the position.

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Source: Variety

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