Amid the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Darkseid and Superman Funko Pops will be released in color and available for pre-order now.

In the midst of the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Funko Pops for Darkseid and Superman have been revealed, and they are in color. For years now, Funko has reinvented pop culture icons as cartoon-shaped vinyl figures that fans can collect. In the past, Funko has offered figures for everything from Friends for Iron Man. Staying on the superhero side, Funko Pops for Future Batman and DC Heroes: Dark Nights – Death Metal have been released in the last year.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League“A four-hour movie affectionately known as the Snyder Cut” has been praised by fans and critics alike since it was released two weeks ago. It is a modified and expanded version of the original. League of Justice, which was released in November 2017. That film was directed by Joss Whedon when Snyder had to leave the project after a family tragedy in March 2017. After Snyder himself confirmed that Whedon’s version of the film was different to his, fans sparked a huge grassroots campaign for Snyder’s League of Justice published. It hit HBO Max and a few theaters on March 18, and has been a hot topic ever since. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that these Funko Pops are being announced now.

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Today, Funko announced that Funko Pops for Superman and Darkseid are available for pre-order. Figures come in metallic color and black and white. The Superman figure notably wears the alternate black and silver outfit he wears in the Snyder Cut. The Darkseid figure wears the same dark navy blue outfit that the character wore in the film. Other new Funko Pops include Wonder Woman who carries an arrow in civilian clothes and DeSaad, who works as one of Darkseid’s loyal disciples. Figures can be pre-ordered at Target and cost $ 8.99 each. They are all set to be released in August.

Justice League Funko Pops

Aside from looking amazing, Darkseid and Superman Funkos represent some notable differences between Whedon and Snyder’s versions of League of Justice. In Whedon’s version, Darkseid is not seen or mentioned once, but in Snyder’s cut, fans see the villain multiple times and his shadow looms over the entire story. Meanwhile, on the Superman side of the equation, the Snyder Cut sees the iconic hero donning the black and silver version of his signature costume. With the Whedon cut, Superman wears his traditional red and blue outfit, with no underwear.

The imminent release of these Funko Pops speaks to the popularity of the Snyder Cut, which has had such an impact that it demands that Warner Bros. release the full length of Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe became a trending topic with over 1 million tweets that carry it. hashtag. While Warner Bros. ‘bosses have said that won’t happen, it was the fans who helped with the release of the Snyder Cut, so anything is possible. In the meantime, these Funko Pops are a reminder of just how great superheroes can be when handled correctly.

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