The King in Black has unleashed hideous attacks on his enemies, but uses the cruelest yet against Jane Foster!

Spoilers for King in Black: Return of the Valkyries # 4 ahead!

The King in black He has unleashed some truly horrible attacks, physically, mentally, and even spiritually, on his opponents. But in King in Black: Return of the Valkyries # 4, unleash one of his cruelest attacks yet on Jane Foster, using the memories of her deceased son against her!

The Valkyries, including former Thor, Jane Foster, have teamed up again to help destroy the King in Black, AKA Knull, who has invaded Earth. One of its main weapons is the Necrosword, a powerful sword that steals the souls of its victims, and these souls are then devoured by a Celestial, the corrupted King in Black; Knull then draws power from the Celestial, creating a horrible cycle that dooms innocent souls to a horrible fate. The Sentinel, one of the King in Black’s first victims upon his arrival on Earth, was absorbed by the Celestial, and now the Valkyries must gather and rescue him before it’s too late.

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In the issue, written by Jason Aaron and Torunn Gronbekk, with art by Nina Vakueva and colors by Tamra Bonvillain, the Valkyries have a plan to defeat the King in Black by severing his ties to the Celestial and thereby robbing him of a primal power. source. During the course of the battle, Jane Foster is sucked into the Celestial and begins bombarding her with psychic attacks, all in an attempt to wear her down and completely absorb her. Jane sees people close to her, before she is shown a vision of her son, who passed away years ago. Jane is able to resist, however, realizing that the vision is just an echo, and not her real son. He is then able to break free from the Celestial’s influence and completely free him from the King at Black’s hands. With the Celestial gone and the souls trapped inside now free, Knull weakens and vows revenge.

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Readers have seen the King in Black commit horrible acts on people, like splitting the Sentry in two, or turning an alternate reality Mary Jane Watson into a new version of Carnage and unleashing her on her best friend Spider-Gwen. It takes advantage of its victim’s insecurities and weaknesses, turning them against family members in some cases. The King in Black has also slaughtered and enslaved entire pantheons of gods. These are all vile and cruel ways to beat up an opponent, but using the vision of a deceased child against his mother can be one of the worst yet. Jane Foster was able to see through the ruse quickly and fight back, but a lesser person may have collapsed.

The King in Black is one of the most evil beings in the Marvel Universe and has no problem using cruel and dirty methods to get under his opponent’s skin, and that was on full display against Jane Foster. King in Black: Return of the Valkyries # 4 on sale in print and digital now.

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