King in Black and Silver Surfer will meet and fight for the fate of the Marvel Universe in a new preview from Marvel Comics.

Warning! Spoilers for King in black # 5 below!

Marvel’s latest showdown is about to end, as new teasers for the next King in black final showcase Knull, the god of symbiotes, and the Silver surfer participating in an epic final fight. In King in Black # 5Silver Surfer has arrived at just the right time, as the two cosmic beings will fight with the fate of the Marvel Universe at stake.

The King in Black has turned Earth into his own personal symbiote hell, as the ancient cosmic being and his swarm of symbiote dragons have covered the planet in darkness. Knull has also infected heroes and villains throughout the Marvel Universe, turning them into his own army of symbiotes. He has been virtually unbeatable since his inauguration, but there were hints that his only true opposite, the God of Light, could defeat him. Now, with the Enigma Force revealed as his true weakness and Eddie Brock taking his power, Knull is on the defensive for the first time.

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In a preview of King in black # 5 (courtesy of of Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer and Frank Martin, the final showdown of Silver Surfer and Knull begins. Knull recognizes the Surfer as someone he fought with before (see Silver Surfer: Black) and asks if they have met. Silver Surfer responds by telling him that he is still “impressed” by the God of Symbiotes. He reveals that there is a new God of Light (Eddie Brock) whom Knull says that darkness will always defeat light.

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Marvel King in black

Marvel King in black

  • King in Black # 5
  • Written by Donny Cates
  • Art by Ryan Stegman
  • What is a God for an unbeliever?

Previews show a tantalizing duel between the Surfer and the King in Black as the former Herald of Galactus transforms his iconic board into a sword to battle his opponent’s deadly All-Black the Necrosword. Perhaps, since Silver Surfer’s eyes are glowing in the final preview panel, he’s summoning the God of Light? Considering that Surfer brought the Enigma Force to Earth and let it team up with Brock, a two-on-one fight with Surfer and Brock against Knull seems highly likely.

The fight has a lot on the line for the Marvel Universe, as Knull has been terrorizing it and making it his own image for a long time. The arrival of the Silver Surfer (along with Enigma Force) is good news for Earth’s mightiest heroes, as they have a good chance of beating Knull at his own game with the God of Light. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. King in Black # 5 will be available in comic shops and online on April 7, 2021.

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