In a literally huge tribute to Shrek, a Minecraft player builds the ogre’s giant green head entirely out of emeralds as a huge, sinister sculpture.

TO Minecraft player has built a giant sculpture of Shrekpurely emerald block head, which makes it ominously (or gloriously, depending on one’s love for Shrek) stand out from the surrounding landscape. Although the statue is not one of the most impressive Minecraft builds ever, however, requires some attention.

Through the years, Minecraft Players have collectively created a virtually infinite number of impressive projects, varying dramatically in style and purpose. There have been sprawling modern cities, huge medieval kingdoms, giant mansions, and entire fantasy worlds spanning servers that recreate the fictional kingdoms of game of Thrones and The Lord of the rings. There’s even a 1: 1 scale replica of Earth in a stunning Minecraft modification. And now, the antisocial guardian of the swamps raises his green head above the innocent land of Minecraft in another compilation created by the user.

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rewarding Vote_Crim_2020 has created a huge Shrek head in Minecraft, using tons of rare emerald blocks. Although the post quickly gained popularity, other players pointed out the most obvious construction flaw: Shrek’s bust should have been built in the swamp biome. As is the case with most large-scale 3D systems Minecraft sculptures, this one was made on an external and imported program, but that doesn’t make it any less intimidating or awesome.

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Recently another enthusiast Minecraft The player used scientific data to recreate the state of Hawaii, which is slightly larger than Shrek’s bust. The build also relied on the use of secondary applications and programs to make it possible, otherwise even a group of gamers would have spent years trying to replicate the archipelago. According to the detailed data, which was collected from the official sources, the Hawaiian Islands created by players in Minecraft They are incredibly realistic, despite being created at 1:45 scale. unlike this Shrek build (at least for now), anyone can explore that map thanks to a worldwide save file available for download.

Obviously, the fact that Shrekthe head was simply imported to MinecraftThe landscape is belittling the merit of the author. However, it is worth noting that building such a massive statue by hand would likely have resulted in much poorer quality and detail. On top of that, collecting enough emerald blocks in Survival would have turned into an epic, months-long quest, definitely not worth the effort.

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Minecraft it is available on all platforms.

Source: Vote_Crim_2020

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