A Reddit user has just discovered a functionality unknown to many players. Zombies can be revived with Totems of the Undying.

One player discovered that zombies in Minecraft he could use Totems of Undying just like a normal player. Despite entering its first alpha test more than a decade ago, Minecraft has remained one of the most popular games ever created. Mojang’s constant updates have transformed what was once a simple survival game into a monolith of content and creativity. With these updates, new items, events, and even entire regions are added to existing areas for players to discover and experience.

The Totem of Undying was added alongside the Exploration Update in 2016, which added new monsters, items, and biome features. The totem, which can only be used if held in the player’s left hand slot, is dropped by Evoker Illagers and will revive the possessor if their health drops to zero. The Totems of Undying disappear with use, making them the ultimate gasp device rather than a free revive. Rather than simply refilling the health gauge, the totem will restore HP, remove all existing status effects, and add 40-45 seconds of Regeneration II, 40 seconds of Fire Resistance II, and 5 seconds of Absorption II to allow players escape and heal.

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Reddit User mining_moron discovered that zombies could pick up Totems of Undying and use them if they were killed. A video posted by the user shows how they drop a Death Totem in front of a zombie and the zombie picks it up after walking on it. The same effects (not animation) used for a player’s revival are shown occurring for the zombie, even though he dies after another blow from mining_moron’s sword. It is inferred that the same effects added to the player are also added to the zombie. According to the game’s wiki page, any mob in Minecraft able to hold an object in his hand or mouth can use the reactivation effect.

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This means that any player in your world could get a Totem of Undying, accidentally drop it, and an Enderman could pick it up. A terrible experience considering that the Enderman is already elusive and dangerous as he is. Considering the updates that Minecraft still getting, as the next Caves & Cliffs update coming later this year, it would be hard to think that this functionality will not be exposed. Minecraft dungeons has its own totems that could also be carried over to the original game.

With the functionality of element-containing mobs, the most challenging enemies could start making their way into Minecraft. Imagine a group of armored zombies emerging from a cave with enchanted swords and Totems of Undying. Regardless of whether Mojang uses the feature more or not, there will surely be more hidden features from mobs to discover that players haven’t found yet.

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Source: mining_moron / Reddit

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