My Hero Academia loves to make references to other franchises, but some were not as notable as others.

When it comes to anime, there are hardly any series that are Easter egg-free for fans to go back and search for scenes. If one is looking Dragon Ball characters participate in larger-than-life battles or watching Naruto characters fight in the shadows, there will be tons of easter eggs to watch out for.

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This is also the case of one of the great series of current shonen, My hero academia. My hero academia It arguably has the most Easter eggs hidden from view of any recent major manga series. In a review, many of these could finally hit fans after looking at them at first.

10 Many locations are straight out of Star Wars

mha dagoba

One thing that many fans of the Star Wars The series could immediately capture the fact that many locations in the series have names drawn from the distant galaxy.

Some examples of these places are Kamino Ward, Nabu (Naboo) Junior High, Dagoba Municipal Park, Hosu (Hoth) City and of course the Tattoin Station (from Tattoine).

9 There is a great reference to the movie Bad Iron Man

mha iron man 2

It is obvious that a series like My hero academia, where everything is based on superheroes, it will refer to the world of western superheroes like Captain America and Superman.

In fact, the scene where Hatsume puts Deku in the dangerous armored suit is a great reference to the same scene in Iron Man 2 where the same thing happens in the footage.

8 Twice he refers to A Masked Man from the Watchers

twice mha

Watchmen is one of the most influential and recognized superhero media pieces out there. My hero academia Episode 62 has a big easter egg for the series starring the villain Twice.

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Twice is shown to observe the corruption of the world and monologues on the normality of some passersby. As the episode progresses, so does his inner monologue, as he witnesses more crimes. This whole series of events that follow is a great recognition to Rorschach of Watchmen.

7 Marvel’s Largest Organization Receives Recognition

melissa shield

The My hero academia movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes features loads of fanservice and easter eggs for both series fans and heroes fans in general.

It’s no wonder there’s a hidden Marvel reference in the movie. The two characters featured in the film, David and Melissa Shield, have a surname that refers to Marvel’s SHIELD.

6 Rikiya can also be the clown prince

There is no way My hero academia You can reference so much Western hero tradition and not throw an Easter egg at one of the most prolific villains of all time.

Detnerat CEO Rikiya Yotsubashi is a great reference to The Joker in looks, expressions, and gestures. It even has a shot-to-shot reference to “The Killing Joke.”

5 Momo’s costume is a very dark reference

momo mha costume

Momo Yaoyoruzu, or Everything Hero: Creati, is one of the heroes-in-training most followed by fans throughout the series. His hero costume is a reference that not many would see.

The outfit she wears may be dark, but it’s not subtle at all. It’s a great reference to the dark DC villain Vitoria, aka The Wanderer.

4 A training facility or theme park

usj mha

The USJ arc introduced Class 1-A characters to the real danger heroes must take on. It also introduced a training facility that references real-life Japanese theme parks.

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The rescue training facility is actually called the “Unexpected Simulation Board.” However, the initials are shared with the Universal Studios Japan theme park.

3 Reference is also made to the Great Mouse Park

tdl ma

When Eraser Head takes Class 1-A to the specialized gym, “Training Dining Land” during the Interim License Exam arc, Deku thinks that a “certain mouse” might be mad at UA.

The mouse referred to is the one and only Mickey Mouse and the anger comes from the initials for Training Dining Land that are shared with Tokyo Disney Land.

two Reference is made to a popular animated band

mha gorillaz

It is clear that My hero academia knows no limits when it comes to Easter eggs and one of the most random is the animated band, The gorillaz.

One of the leaders of the Meta Liberation Army series is director of the company “Feel Good Inc.” which refers to one of the most important songs of the band. When the name is displayed, there is even a gorilla behind it.

one The king of monsters appears

mha godzilla

One of the most obvious Easter eggs in the series occurs in the second movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, where a very familiar kaiju appears.

That kaiju is Godzilla, who is a famous hero named Gojiro (or Godzillo). His quirk is literally the fact that he is simply Godzilla. He even has a bio that says he’s a Japanese actor who lived in the US for a time in the late 90s, referencing the less stellar American Godzilla movie.

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