Silk takes center stage in a new comic book miniseries that has Cindy Moon balancing her double life as a new supervillain rises.

A fan-favorite superhero emerging from the adventures of Spider-Man is Silk, a Korean-American classmate of Peter Parker who secretly acquired his own superpowers after being bitten by the same radioactive spider all those years ago. Cindy Moon stars in new five-issue comic book miniseries Silk by Maurene Goo and Takeshi Miyazawa that shows how she balances her double life, with a debut number that leans towards the hyperverbal nature of the character without forgetting to loosen up with the superhero action.

After spending most of her life locked in a bunker by the mysterious Ezekiel to avoid the voracious supervillain Morlun and his insatiable hunger for totem-based superheroes, Cindy is out in Manhattan doing her best to make up for lost time. In addition to being a star investigative reporter for J. Jonah Jameson’s latest news media venture, Cindy’s climbing superhero career takes hold right in the middle of a series of brutal murders tied to New York City’s criminal underworld. . As Cindy begins to pull the sinister web of escalating mob violence, a new mob boss arrives in town to claim his own right to the city that never sleeps.

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The miniseries Silk stands as the comic book writing debut of acclaimed novelist Maurene Goo, herself a Korean American as the title character. Goo keeps the dialogue fast and crisp, with the most effective conversational interaction between Cindy and her brother and their interactions amid the hustle and bustle of the newsroom. There’s a bit of exposure in this opening issue, but most of it feels earned and, as an inaugural issue, it comes with the territory. The story itself doesn’t seem to have much at stake so far, rather it’s more of a day in the character studio for Cindy’s life as she tries to make everything work like a young professional and superhero. And while the more tragic aspects of Cindy’s family life are certainly hinted at, Goo keeps her narrative relatively lighthearted and fun; It’s good to remember that superhero comics can and should have that escapist sensibility.

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Miyazawa’s artwork is always a delight to behold, both in quieter and more introspective moments and with the great action pieces that span the city. Along with artist of color Ian Herring, Miyazawa offers everything from late-night heists in well-protected penthouses and shadowy office suites to a glittering look at Manhattan by day as Cindy goes through a typical day as a New York worker who happens to get punctuated. with bloody murder investigations and the usual superhero derring-do. A fight sequence in the New York subway is the most prominent scene of the issue, with Silk’s portrayal of Miyazawa in motion being a real treat to watch as it unfolds.

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With a Silk television series planned on its way to Amazon Prime Video, Cindy Moon’s superhero alter ego will be introduced to a wide audience. Goo and Miyazawa have provided a strong starting point for those unfamiliar with Silk, wisely focusing on the character rather than wide scope.

Cindy is a realistic character who balances light and dark in her life while doing her best to be a hero. This is exemplified in the first issue of this miniseries as she tries to make a prosperous life for herself. With Goo at the helm making the transition to comic book writing smoothly, this miniseries is set to be an enjoyable and lighthearted story.

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