The Real Housewives of New York City alum Dorinda Medley has written a memoir that will be published soon. Of course, it’s called “Make it nice.”

Previous The real housewives of New York Cast member Dorinda Medley has announced that her memoir will be released later this summer. Months before the announcement, Dorinda was fired from the show after filming six seasons. Viewers weren’t happy with the way he treated his 56-year-old co-star Tinsley Mortimer last year. Bravo’s higher ups apparently felt the same way. They decided to let her go and there is little hope that she will return in the future.

Dorinda joined the cast of The real housewives of New York in season seven, alongside Bethenny Frankel, after leaving the series before season four. She was introduced to the cast through Ramona Singer (who unfollowed her on Instagram in 2020). She and Ramona had been friends for almost 20 years. Dorinda spoke a lot about the recent passing of her husband, Richard, to whom she had been married for six years. Due to her grief, the mother of one struggled during her time on the show. Dorinda became a fan favorite over the years as she was willing to open up and was hilarious.

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In an exclusive interview with Page six, the Massachusetts native spoke about her new memories, Make it nice. The book, which will be released on August 3, will offer an intimate look at Dorinda’s life so far. “I lived all over the world, I was married, I divorced as a single mother … but when I got to the ‘Housewives’, that cake was baked and I gave a piece“He revealed to the publication on Wednesday. He added:”I really thought, ‘I want to give the audience the whole cake now. I want them to see a beginning, a middle and an end, not just the Dorinda they think they know. ‘“Dorinda wants readers to know how she became the successful woman she is today.

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Dorinda, who admits she should have dropped Season 12, began writing the memoir in November 2020 and decided she wanted to be like “honest and frank“as he could during the whole process.”People see me that way, a kind of voice of reason, they say it like they don’t like me“he revealed.”Sometimes it works for you and sometimes not, but it always teaches you something and I really wanted to talk about it coming from [humble beginnings]“Dorinda’s daughter Hannah also helped her rebuild the parts of her life that were difficult to talk about, such as her battle with anorexia and even her accomplishments.”She helped me to be a little more cheeky not only because of my accomplishments, but also because of the things that failed because I tend to be a bit protected by that.” she said.

While Dorinda did not reveal how much of the book she will focus her time on RHONY, said that taking a break this season helped her focus on the memories. Dorinda put all her effort into the show and was happy to have a break so she could pour out her heart as she wrote the book. However, fans are hoping that many of the memoirs will show her. RHONY experiences. His reality TV journey is definitely something fans want to learn more about. Hopefully she opens up about Bravo and why her friendship with Tinsley was ruined. The real housewives of New York fans want all the juicy details.

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Sources: Page six, Dorinda Medley (Instagram)

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