Whether you prefer Mary Cosby or Jen Shah, this is what your favorite RHOSLC cast member says about your personality!

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City He’s only released one season so far, but he’s already made a huge impact on fans of the franchise. While Salt Lake City seemed like a bit of a quirky option at first, since it’s not a big city, the interesting cast of characters made the season quite compelling. And, the three-part reunion was the most explosive of all with so many important personalities coming together and colliding.

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While some of the real housewives are known for bringing iconic moments and quotes, and some are more popular than others, they all have their favorite cast members. There are many reasons why you might like a cast member more than others, but who you love the most can give you insight into your personality.

8 Sharrieff shah

Jen and Coach Shah Talking in the Confessional - RHOSLC

There have been many different actual husbands over the years, with all the different shoots from the show in various cities, but Sharrieff is one of the husbands who has made the biggest impact. While Jen can be quite emotional, Sharrieff is level-headed and calm. While he has clearly made mistakes in his marriage too, he was a cool presence on the show.

If it’s your favorite, you’re probably someone who doesn’t need to be the center of attention and has the ability to provide support and strength to the people in your life.

7 Brooks Brands

Meredith Brooks Brand RHOSLC

While there are other LGBTQ + people in the world Bravo, there have not been as many in the world. Real housewives franchise. Because of this, Brooks had a pretty strong impact on fans who watched the Salt Lake City season. And it’s been a bit polarizing too, as some people find it hilarious and others find it annoying.

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If Brooks is your favorite, you’re probably someone who likes a bit of drama. And this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. You like a bit of excitement in your life and you are also quite sarcastic. Or you just like to see people who are clearly trying to gain some fame.

6 Lisa barlow


Lisa Barlow might have thought that she would end up being one of the most beloved and popular cast members, but things didn’t exactly change that way. However, Lisa brought fans many quotes and memorable moments that made her love for some.

If you like Lisa, you are probably someone who also cares a lot about success. He is motivated and entrepreneurial minded, and has worked hard to get where he is. Sometimes you may forget to be nice to others.

5 Whitney rose

Whitney Rose RHOSLC

If Whitney is your favorite, you are someone who generally likes to have fun and have a good time. You don’t take life seriously and you’ve probably been through some difficult things that have made you realize that it’s okay to just enjoy life.

While some people may underestimate you, you are not without passion or drive. You are just not trying to show that you are better than other people.

4 Jen Shah |

Jen started the season by being viewed by many fans as one of the most iconic cast members. Jen had an over the top style and great personality that was fantastic to watch, but fans became a little more concerned that Jen would get angry and mistreat those around her at times.

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If Jen is your favorite, you are probably also someone who feels things very deeply. You may have great emotions and are not afraid to express them either. He also has a good sense of style and is not afraid of being “extra”.

3 Meredith marks

Meredith Marks RHOSLC

In some ways, Meredith probably gave the least when it comes to drama on the show, as she tried to stay more private about many of the personal issues she was going through. Because of this, your story might seem a bit contrived. However, some fans did not tire of his way of speaking or his unique way of dressing.

If she’s your favorite, you’re someone who likes to be seen as classy and you’re a bit more reserved in how you move around the world. You’re not looking for unnecessary drama, but you could also try to be a little more open at times.

two Mary Cosby

Of all the cast members on the show, Mary is one of the most controversial. Actually, he didn’t even appear in that many scenes, as he didn’t attend many of the group events. This has left many fans wondering what is really up with Mary and her church, and there is no denying that there are some skeletons in that huge closet / room of hers.

If you like Mary more, you probably love the theater, but you are also probably interested in learning the truth. You are something mysterious and you march to the beat of your own drum.

one Heather Gay

heather gay RHOSLC

While Heather didn’t seem to think she would be a fan favorite character, many fans adore her. They gave her a good edit and a lot of people felt she was open about her life.

If you like Heather more, you are also someone who might struggle with insecurities, but you have a good heart. You try to take care of the people around you, but sometimes, this means that you don’t take as much care of yourself as you should.

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