The villain’s origin story may be dark, but it won’t be light on humor.


Since Disney dropped the Cruella trailer, comparisons with Todd Phillipsjester They have been running wild. Both films offer backstories for villains whose origins are historically shrouded in mystery; therefore, the comparisons are not so far-fetched. Entertainment media and fans were quick to equate the premises of “the coming of evil” and the defining expression of Cruella’s character, “I am a woman, hear me roar” with the memorable quote from the Joker, “We live in a society. “. However, main actor Emma Stone and director Craig gillespie (Me, tonya, Lars and the real girl) recently commented on the correlations, rejecting the idea that the two films are as equivalent as such suggestions claim.

Stone said Total movie, “It is very different from jester in many ways “before adding,” I would never even remotely compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix… I wish I was more like him. ”

Gillespie explained that he understands why viewers link the two, as both films provide an emotionally driven catalyst for villainy. Gillespie said: “There are some really deep and emotional things that Cruella is dealing with that send her to the darker side of the villains. So, in that sense, it is [similar]. “However, unlike jester, Cruella it will hit a very different tone; Cruella’s darker side will come to light, but not without a bit of witty banter and humor at the same time.

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Gillespie shared: “It’s definitely his own thing. Just to rephrase Cruella, I thought it was important to show this darker side of her. But it’s going to be a lot of fun, with a lot of humor. There are a lot of absolutely delightful jokes and pacing in the style, which is different from jester. ”

Cruella is set in 1970s London during the punk rock revolution and follows young con artist Estella (Stone): an ambitious, unfettered and possibly unhinged designer determined to make a name for herself in the ruthless fashion business. Emma Thompson, Joel fry, Paul walter hauser, Emily beecham, and Mark Strong They complete the primary set.

Following in the footsteps of Raya and the last dragon and Mulan, Cruella It will be released in theaters and on Disney + the same day, May 28. The film, which is executive produced by the former Cruella De Vil Glenn Close, will be available under the Premiere Access banner, at an additional cost of $ 29.99 for subscribers.

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Moral of the story: Think twice before buying a property with James Norton.

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