In the latest issue of The Flash, Wally West accidentally creates the first speedster dinosaur, leading to an extremely dangerous prehistoric hunt.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Flash # 768

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ The flash, Wally west He lands in the prehistoric era, being chased by the first speedster dinosaur. Wally to leave him as the fastest man in the world, wanting to spend more time with his family. He also asks Barry Allen to help him remove his connection to the Speed ​​Force, feeling that he would constantly be drawn to help out and use his speed despite Wally’s desire to retire from superheroes. However, it appears that the Speed ​​Force still has plans for Wally.

In The Flash # 768 From writer Jeremy Adams with art by Brandson Peterson, Marco Santucci, and David Lafuente, Barry agrees to help Wally eliminate his speed after he makes his intentions to retire to the rest of the Justice League known. Naturally, there are many mixed reactions (Green Arrow is in favor considering the events of Heroes in crisis), but Wally seems pretty determined that his days as the world’s fastest man are behind us … or so he thinks.

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While both Flashes meet up with the Speed ​​Force so Barry can eliminate Wally’s speed, an anomaly in the Speed ​​Force inexplicably transports Wally back in time, sending him back to the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. . From what Barry and Mr. Terrific can determine at present, the Speed ​​Force has chosen Wally to help solve whatever is wrong, and they also find a way to communicate with Wally through the Speed ​​Force. Meanwhile, Wally discovers that his mind is in the consciousness of a cro-magnon, and he still has his speed. However, Wally’s connection to the Speed ​​Force is erratic, and he ends up “infecting” a nearby velociraptor, inadvertently creating DC’s first speedster dinosaur, which immediately begins running after Wally on a deadly hunt.

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While this “Speedasaurus” is pretty awesome, it only serves to further confuse Wally and Barry about what’s wrong with the Speed ​​Force. Also, it appears that Wally exists within this specific cro-magnon due to the implication that he is one of DC’s early speedsters, and the evidence is the lightning bolt birthmark on his face. While Barry theorizes that Wally has been chosen due to his very strong connection to the Speed ​​Force, it appears that Wally is alone to travel right now, getting caught up in another wave of Speed ​​Force energy that then sends him into the future. . with his consciousness now inside the body of Impulse, Barry’s grandson at the end of the issue.

Regardless, having Wally running through a prehistoric jungle with a speedy raptor on his tail is pure and epic entertainment for Flash fans, providing Wally one last incredible run as the Flash should he stick with his plan. to retire once this new Speed ​​Force crisis is resolved. All things considered, running through time is a great way for Wally West to come off on a high note like The flash in DC Comics, especially with the inclusion of speedy dinosaurs.

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