The fifth and final installment in the Purge franchise, titled The Forever Purge, has officially received an R rating for strong / gory violence.

The eternal purge, the fifth installment of the Purge franchise, has been officially rated R for strong / bloody violence. The series began in 2013 and was based on the idea that once a year, the United States holds a Purge Night in which each and every crime is allowed to take place over a 12-hour period. The film spawned four movie sequels and a short-lived television series.

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The eternal purge has finally received its R rating. This rating is said to be for “strong / bloody violence and language everywhere”, What ComicBook reports. The next movie’s rating is now in line with the previous four. Purge movies, as they all received an R rating for the same reason.

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After The purge Released in 2013, Blumhouse capitalized on its popularity. “Purging” has become synonymous with the chaotic anarchy that can come with government-imposed holidays. As the story has progressed on both the big and small screens, the once exaggerated concept has become a general idea that feels a little too connected, frighteningly so, with the political and cultural events that have occurred. happened in the real world. in recent years.

Perhaps the nature of the topic explored in The first purge and its predecessors have led Blumhouse to finally unplug the movies. However, there are still doubts that this is really the end of the franchise, especially considering the statement by the actor, Frank Grillo, who starred in two of the entries, that a sixth installment may be in process.

There may well be more room for the series to expand, considering how the series has evolved from the simple home invasion story explored in the first film. The thoughtful focus on Latino characters and their attention to cultural diversity amid the larger issues of the class struggle continue to resonate. Whether it’s this, or there’s more up Blumhouse’s sleeve, only time will tell. However, one thing is for sure: after crouching in quarantine for over a year, the public will be eager to purge once more when The eternal purge hits theaters this summer.

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Source: ComicBook

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